Why Awards & Prizes Matter a lot

It may not seem like much but the act of giving someone a medal or a prize to an athlete or to a winner of a competition may seem like an ordinary routine.


But there’s a lot that goes into it from the fact that it serves as confidence boost and may even go some way to acting as a prime motivator. Here are a few reasons as to why it makes sense to award athletes and others with prizes, medals and even with participation trophies.

  • Validation: This is the primary reason as to why all medals, trophies and even prize awards are valued, not for their monetary value but more for the fact that they serve as a source of inspiration to many but more importantly, they validate your efforts. As human beings, we all seek validation in one form or another, something to affirm, to us that we are indeed worthy. And the act of winning a prize or a medal does just that, it serves to validate all the efforts you put into winning the trophy or medal in the first place
  • Inspiration: The prize that you had won would certainly serve as a source of inspiration to many and is bound to even help push others towards achieving the same. In fact, the act of wining the trophy is bound to push you to do one better and as a result, it should enable you to try even harder and achieve more in the process.
  • Self esteem:  As a result of winning the trophy your self esteem is bound to increase. It should make you feel like that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and with this much needed boost to your self esteem, you should become more productive and achieve more as a result.
  • Confidence boost: One of the positives to come out of wining any trophy is the fact that it will help provide you with a confidence boost. If you were shy or reserved prior to winning the medal, the very act of winning it may even do away with your inhibitions and make you more outgoing and outspoken. The confidence boost may last only for a short while or could last longer, but it all comes down to the concerned individual.

These are some of the reasons why we should award prizes, medals to others including our loved ones, since it can push them to do better.


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