Where To Find Each Type Of Flower In Disney’s Dream-light Valley

Where To Find Each Type Of Flower In Disney’s Dream-light Valley:

In Disney Dream-light Valley, you can find and collect flowers in each area. Players in Disney Dream-light Valley can take these flowers to keep them, give them as gifts to other people in the Village, as well as sell them at one of Goofy’s Stalls for an instant batch of Star Coins.

For Disney Dreamland Valley, you can find flowers in all of the Biomes. Each Biome has its own type and color of flower. Even though flowers are pretty to look at, they are often needed for special making tasks during Character Quests.

This Flower Guide has information on every type of flower in Dream-light Valley, such as where each flower may be found, how often it spawns, how much it sells for, and how the seed timer works.

In Disney Dream-light Valley, there are a lot of flowers that players are able to choose and utilize in different ways.

There are different flowers in each of the game’s biomes, and many of them are important for making or finishing certain tasks. This guide will talk about the different kinds of flowers and where you can find them.

Where All The Flowers In Disney’s Dream-light Valley Can Be Found:

We’ve made a chart with all of the different kinds of flowers within Disney Dream-light Valley, such as their different colors, how much that they trade for, and where to find them in their natural habitats.

In every region, you can find more than a dozen different kinds of flowers. This means that people who play Disney Dream-light Valley must work hard to see all of the other places.

Flower Type Selling Price Location
Black Passion Lily 79 Coins Frosted Heights
Blue Falling Penstemon 23 Coins Plaza
Blue Hydrangea 28 Coins Dazzle Beach
Blue Star Lily 30 Coins Forest of Valor
Dandelion 23 Coins Plaza
Green Passion Lily 28 Coins Frosted Heights
Orange and Red Marsh Milkweed 66 Coins Glade of Trust
Orange Houseleek 52 Coins Sunlit Plateau
Orange Marsh Milkweed 33 Coins Glade of Trust
Orange Star Lily 43 Coins Forest of Valor
Pink Houseleek 35 Coins Sunlit Plateau
Pink Hydrangea 22 Coins Dazzle Beach
Purple Bell Flower 30 Coins Forest of Valor
Purple Falling Penstemon 18 Coins Plaza
Purple Hydrangea 39 Coins Dazzle Beach
Purple Impatiens 40 Coins Forgotten Lands
Green Rising Penstemon 35 Coins Peaceful Meadow
White Impatiens 30 Coins Forgotten Lands
Blue Passion Lily 56 Coins Frosted Heights
Purple Marsh Milkweed 25 Coins Glade of Trust
Purple Rising Penstemon 25 Coins Peaceful Meadow
Red Bell Flower 25 Coins Forest of Valor
Pink Bromeliad 27 Coins Sunlit Plateau
White Daisy 25 Coins Peaceful Meadow
Yellow Nasturtium 85 Coins Forgotten Lands
White Bell Flower 30 Coins Forest of Valor
Blue Marsh Milkweed 48 Coins Glade of Trust
Orange Nasturtium 60 Coins Forgotten Lands
White Passion Lily 38 Coins Frosted Heights
Yellow Daisy 20 Coins Peaceful Meadow
Red Bromeliad 27 Coins Sunlit Plateau
Red Daisy 48 Coins Peaceful Meadow
Red Nasturtium 40 Coins Forgotten Lands
Red Passion Lily 38 Coins Frosted Heights
Yellow Bromeliad 73 Coins Sunlit Plateau
Sunflowers 28 Coins Dazzle Beach
White and Pink Penstemon 41 Coins Plaza
White and Pink Hydrangea 54 Coins Dazzle Beach
White Marsh Milkweed 33 Coins Glade of Trust

Since Disney Dream-light Valley is still in early access, this list of flowers is likely to continue getting longer as more content is added. Because of this, individuals should check back often after changes to see if their areas have any new blooms.

Flower Reappearance:

We did a Deep Spawn Mechanics Analysis and collected data on spawns from October 2022 to March 2023. This showed that there are four types of flowers that can grow in Dream-light Valley.

Flower Spawn Type Spawn Amount Spawn Time
Abundant 6 Flowers 20 Minutes Each
Average 4 Flowers 30 Minutes Each
Rare 3 Flower 40 Minutes Each
Ultra Rare 2 Flowers 1 Hour Each

Did you know that there is a limit to how often flowers can grow in Disney’s Dreamight Valley? For that, we did a study and got some information, which I’ll talk about below. Take a look.

Biome Flower Spawn Limit
Plaza 20
Peaceful Meadow 19
Dazzle Beach 19
Glade of Trust 19
Forest of Valor 19
Sunlit Plateau 21
Frosted Heights 19
Forgotten Lands 19


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