Where In Sea Of Thieves To Sell Fish

Where In Sea Of Thieves To Sell Fish:

If you don’t know where to go in Sea of Thieves, it can be hard to sell fish. Most things in Sea of Thieves could be sold to the normal trading companies at larger Outposts, but fish can only be sold to certain NPCs who are not in your regular safe zones.

You can sell The Hunter’s Call more than just fish. You can also sell them Treacherous Plunder, Meat, Mermaid Gems, & Breath of the Sea. Each will give you a different amount of Gold and raise your Reputation with the company. If you want to make some Gold quickly.

In Sea Of Thieves, You Can Fish:

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is the best way to gain favor with the Hunter’s Call, a group of fisherman who live all over the island. Even though they also buy chicken, pork, shark, or even Kraken, fishing is usually the safest and fastest way to improve your reputation.

Before you go on your first fishing trip, you should know that when you fish alone in Sea of Thieves, you and your ship are at a high risk. Fishing and cooking takes just a few seconds each, so you won’t be capable of steering, fix, or fight if you need to during that time.

How To Catch Fish:

You’ll require your fishing rod as well as some open water to fish in Sea of Thieves. You don’t always need bait to catch fish, but sometimes you do.

Your fishing pole is in the second inventory wheel at 6 o’clock, and you can use it there. Just hold Q [or the left bumper on the controller] to open the inventory wheel, then press F [or X on the controller] to switch to the second wheel.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy the fishing rod because it will already be in your inventory. You could indeed buy different rods at any outpost, but they don’t change the fish you catch and are just for looks.

Once you have the rod, you’ll probably want bait to put on the hook. In Sea of Thieves, there are three kinds of bait: earthworms, grubs, and leeches. Each one brings in a different kind of fish.

How To Get Bait:

Bait could be found in barrels or dug up with a shovel all over the Sea of Thieves. When you dig in the ground, you can find earthworms, grubs, and leeches. Leeches can be found in shallow water, like along the coast.

How To Get Bait Ready:

To equip the bait, access the inventory wheel and you ought to see a new prompt to hold R [or B on controller] to attach bait. Then, just choose the bait you want to use. Be cautious not to eat the bait. It doesn’t taste very good and is much better for the fish than for the pirates.

Here Is A List Of All The Places You Could Indeed Sell Fish:

In Sea of Thieves, when you’re prepared to market your fish, you have to get on your ship and sail to a Sea-post. There are a total of eight of them, with 2 in each of the 4 major regions. You can sell to a different NPC at each one.





The Spoils of Plenty Store The Shores of Plenty B-7 Hendrick
The North Star Seapost The Shores of Plenty H-10 Serik
The Finest Trading Post The Ancient Isles F-17 Derrick
Stephen’s Spoils The Ancient Isles L-15 Merrick
The Wild Treasures Store The Wilds O-4 Emerick
Three Paces East Seapost The Wilds S-10 Annick
Roaring Traders The Devil’s Roar U-20 Aifrick
Brian’s Bazaar The Devil’s Roar Y-12 Zharick

How To Make Fish Sell:

If you notice a small rock formation with a C-shaped dock next to it, you’re at a Sea-post. On the dock, there should be two NPCs. One should be near the rock underneath an awning, and the other should be at the end of the dock facing the water. Get on the dock and head toward the NPC on the other end.

Now, if you want to sell a fish, you’ll need to equip it. When you have it in your hand, go to the NPC with a fish flag underneath them, and look for a message that says “Deliver” your fish. You could only hold up to five fish at a time, which is too bad.

If you have more fish on your ship, you’ll have to go back from the dock to your ship’s Food Barrels to deliver them all, or you can put them all in a Storage Crate to sell them quickly in bulk. You can hang out on this dock & fish if you want to.

What Kind Of Fish Could Indeed You Sell?

In Sea of Thieves, you could indeed sell any fish you catch, but they have to be whole. The fish can’t be half-eaten, but you usually get more money if you cook it. When the fish turns white on the pan, you know it’s done cooking and can take it off.

But if you undercook some fish, you can sell them for a lot of money. It depends on what you grab. The type of fish, in addition to its size and rarity, will also affect how much you get paid. It’s a good idea to keep the best fish and save the rest for your own food.

List Of Fish In Sea Of Thieves And How Much They Can Be Sold For:


Fish Name

Selling Price

1 Ancientscale 50-10,125 Gold
2 Battlegill 85-14,065 Gold
3 Devilfish 50-11,250 Gold
4 Islehopper 25-3,940 Gold
5 Plentifin 50-10,125 Gold
6 Pondie 15-1,410 Gold
7 Splashtail 15-1,410 Gold
8 Stormfish 100-16,875 Gold
9 Wildsplash 50-10,125 Gold
10 Wrecker 85-14,065 Gold


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