Where Each Stunt Jump Can Be Found In GTA Online

Where Each Stunt Jump Can Be Found In GTA Online:

There are approximately 50 set jumps that the player may perform all over the state of San Andreas. Some jumps required the player to go a certain distance and fall in a certain area to be called successful.

On others, the player just has to land the jump. Keep in mind that there are plenty of additional ramps as well as jumps set up within the area that are not considered as trick jumps.

GTA Online is an online game with a lot of dangerous tasks, such as taking drugs, money, or cars. Everywhere you go within the GTA, there’s chaos of some kind.

Within the game, there’s a lot of stunt jumps that you are able to jump off of to get a cool video, but finishing every one of the fifty stunt jumps is a pretty big accomplishment. This guide will tell you where each trick jump can be done.

No-Damage Hack:

When you try a trick jump, you have to land with all four wheels on the ground in a certain spot. During the jump, use the left thumb stick to move the car in the air so that it lands in the right place.

The best character to use for these USJs is Franklin, since he can slow down time. The Pegassi Bati 801 motorbike would be a good choice for these jumps. However, some moves are easier and better to do in a sports car.

If the car is too badly hurt, just switch to a different character and switch back quickly to see that it has been suddenly fixed.

All 50 Trick Jump Locations:

On the GTA Online map, there are 50 risky jumps. They are like Easter eggs, therefore keep your eyes out for them as you play in the world.

As soon as you do the initial stunt jump, a message will appear at the very top of the display telling you that you have done x stunt jumps. The goal was to finish all of them. Here is a list of every 50 stunt jumps and where they are in the GTA.

North Calafia Way
La Puerta Freeway/Little Seoul
Parking Garage On Peaceful St.
Broken Bridge in Paleto Bay
Raton Pass
Vinewood Hills
Del Perro Freeway Overpass/Downtown
Senora Freeway
South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary
Rockford Plaza
Vinewood Hills
Mount Gordo
Elgin Avenue Parking Garage
Pillbox Hill Medical Center West Entrance
South Los Santos
Little Seoul/Decker St
Overpass above San Andreas Boulevard
Construction Site in Paleto Bay
Intersection of Equality Way and Bay City Avenue
Los Santos Golf Club
South Port of Los Santos
Sandy Shores
Los Santos Airport, Entrance
Los Santos Freeway Flood Drains
Sandy Shores Landing Strip
Strawberry hospital
“The Jetty” parking garage
Dutch London Street
La Puerta Freeway
Port Los Santos
Elysian Island, West of Terminal
South end of Port of Los Santos
Middle of the Port of Los Santos
South end of Elysian Island
Middle Port of Los Santos
Ron Alternative Wind Farm
Port of Los Santos, Middle of the Southern Section
Palomino Avenue
Port of Los Santos, East Side
Los Santos Drain Control
Los Santos Airport, Circular Road East
Los Santos Airport, Circular Road West
Railway Tracks, Tracks, Port of Los Santos
La Puerta Freeway
Chum Street
Rockford Hills Arcade
Hawick and Rockford intersection
Murrieta Oil Field
Del Perro Freeway


Prizes For Making All Of The Jumps:

Players get a lot of gifts for making it over the jumps, like new paint jobs for their cars in Los Santos Customs. These are given after the first five, ten, and twenty-five jumps.

Players will also be able to get the “Show Off” award in the game. After getting 25 of these achievements, you’ll have met all the standards to finish GTA V 100%.

After doing all of the stunt jumps within GTA, players will be able to customize their vehicles in new ways. Each jump will take some time, but it’s a fun thing to do if players are looking for additional activities to accomplish in the game.


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