WhatsApp is going to be more enjoyable with its new upcoming update.

WhatsApp has become a huge platform in the field of a fast messaging app. As we all know that WhatsApp has billions of users and also WhatsApp is one of the top rated application for instant messaging not only this WhatsApp is also a top rated trusted application also and behind of all these top things there is a lot of work that WhatsApp do and get this respect. These works are WhatsApp listen to all the wants of its users and provide them all necessary update which helps them and solves their issues also WhatsApp is an application that changes the trends of normal text messaging to an instant messaging smart messenger. As we already told you that WhatsApp did a lot to its users and still doing by providing all necessary updates and today we are going to talk about an another update from WhatsApp that is coming very soon.

So this update is about the chats, in this update, you can pin your specific chats at the top. Yes, just like the twitter, you can easily put your favorite chats or the chats you do frequently on the top. This update will be going to a huge update for WhatsApp users and this will help them too as we send the message to anyone in WhatsApp then their name comes on the top of the list even if we don’t want them to be there. So this update allows you to choose the chats and put them on the top as you want by which you can easily find your frequently/favorite chats easily and quickly, there will be no need to search them in the search bar.

So this update is going to be a very useful update for WhatsApp as well as its users because it is a completely new feature in WhatsApp and there will be a “pin” option on the front page of your WhatsApp messenger application. So wait for the update enjoy it. This update will be available very soon.


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