What Trends Are Dominating The Software Development Industry?

There are several major trends dominating the software development industry. Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital revolution as development companies face higher demands. Indeed, software development processes and technologies are constantly shifting to meet client needs. Thus, keeping static practices are no longer an option for companies to compete in the field. As a software development manager, you need to know the top industry trends paving the way for success. This way, your organization can meet your customer expectations and gain a competitive market edge. Read on to learn about what top trends are dominating the software development industry.

Native Development Languages

First, many software teams are adopting native development languages to code their mobile apps. All these new languages make now a great time to learn to code. With native development languages, you can create applications for a specific platform. For example, many iOS app developers use programming languages like Objective-C or Swift. Similarly, Android developers may use Kotlin or Java. Since native apps are optimized for a specific operating system, they usually offer faster response times. Indeed, the software can leverage the device’s processing speed as it stores the app. As users navigate the platform, they can access contents and visual elements quickly since they’re already stored. Simultaneously, the US feels integrated as part of the device. Definitely, native languages are a major software development trend to watch out for.

Cloud-Based Registries

Next, cloud-based registries are another major trend dominating the software development industry. For example, many developers are using Docker hub, the default registry for Docker. Notably, this tool can hose over 100,000 images. With these Docker Certified, Verified Publisher, and Official images, you can count on a reliable base image. For users, this adds an extra layer of trust. Simultaneously, publishers hosting an image can get more exposure for their project. In addition, Docker Hub offers built-in security features such as local image vulnerability scans. Plus, your team accounts can gain access to audit-logs and multi-factor authentication. In short, install a cloud-based registry to keep up with the latest software development trends.

Microservice Architecture 

In addition, many software development enterprises are adopting microservice architecture. With this architecture model, you can decentralize your application and decouple it into separate services. Typically, these services handle a single feature within your application. This way, a single failure does not impact your entire application like it does in a monolithic system. In addition, microservice architecture can improve your software scalability. Indeed, each component can scale on its own when it’s in high demand. Since microservices don’t contain a lot of code, you can reduce bugs in your application. Plus, your team can isolate functionalities for easier testing procedures. Absolutely, microservice architecture is one of the top trends dominating the software development industry.

The Rise Of AI

Moreover, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is another major trend in the software development industry. For example, many software companies are developing computer vision applications to monitor public spaces through data sensors and cameras. With artificial neural networks, these apps can also monitor social distancing through the pandemic. Many developers are also leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms to develop predictive analytics technology. This way, companies can access sales data and find out their customer’s preferences. Of course, enterprises are also developing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and automated speech recognition to increase accessibility. Undoubtedly, the rise of AI is one of the top trends dominating the software industry.¬†

Low Code Development Platforms

Furthermore, low code development platforms are another major trend dominating the software industry. With these platforms, teams can leverage drag-and-drop interfaces to build apps more efficiently. In addition, low-code platforms are upgrading their features so you can build more complex applications. Indeed, many low-code apps now support a 5-year lifecycle. With fewer updates, you can also keep maintenance costs low. Simultaneously, developers can increase control over the development process. Plus, many low-code apps use leverage process automation to streamline approvals, reviews, and requests. With such a high efficiency rating, low-code development is one of the top software trends to watch out for. 

There are several major trends dominating the software development industry. First, many development companies are programming apps with native languages. Next, companies are also installing cloud-based registries to increase security. In addition, microservice architecture is another major trend to look out for. Moreover, many developers are also leveraging AI algorithms to create new, innovative technologies. Furthermore, many developers are implementing low-code development platforms to streamline efficiency. Consider these points to learn about the top trends dominating the software development industry.


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