What to Know about Cruise Control Technology in Cars

The cruise control technology in cars is important to minimize accident on the street. This is because the feature allows your car to steadily go forward at a static speed. Also, this will allow the driver to rest and gain focus so he/she can avoid unnecessary things when driving. You can visit caromega.com to get more info about automotive car guide

The basic definition of cruise control

Cruise control is a technology that gives the driver freedom to drive their car on a stable speed without having to step on the gas pedal continuously. This technology is also called speed control or auto cruise. The name of it depends on the car manufacturer. When a driver wants to run the cruise control, the car should be on a certain speed so the cruise control can be used.

The system usually controlled through a button. Once the feature is activated, the driver shouldn’t have to step on the gas pedal. Generally, the cruise control can’t be activated if the car runs below 40

When to use the cruise control

It is suggested that a cruise control shouldn’t be activated in a road full of corners, uphill, and downhill. If a car uses the brake, then the cruise control feature will be stopped. In other words, the cruise control feature is not suitable in a city road full of vehicles because you need to step on the brake pedal a lot.  

In four seasons country, the cruise control feature can’t be activated when it is snowing. This is because the car will have a higher risk to slip and lost traction which can lead to a fatal accident. If you don’t use the cruise control wisely, it can endanger your own safety.

The next level of cruise control, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The ACC or Adaptive Cruise Control is the upgraded version of the standard cruise control. Another name of it is Autonomous Cruise Control System. Once the system is activated, it will have full control of your throttling and braking systems.

The ACC uses a laser or radar sensor to detect other vehicles in front of you and then readying your car to brake and throttle once the safe distance is reached. 

How to use cruise control

To activate the cruise control feature, you just have to press the button on your car. Pay attention that the feature is not available to all cars, so you have to check if your car has the feature or not. Usually, the middle class or above cars have this feature. To deactivate the cruise control, simply you just have to step on the brake or gas pedal. Once either of the pedals is stepped, then the speed control of your car will be back to normal and the feature will be deactivated.

Before the cruise control is activated, your car should be on a certain speed level because each car has its own speed limit to activate the feature. Once the feature is activated, then the computer on your car will maintain the speed. The cruise control computer also can adjust the speed especially if your car is slowed by the wind or terrain. If your car run through an uphill or downhill, the cruise control technology in cars will either throttle or brakes your car based on the terrain.


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