What CCTV suits best for you ? – Safety tips

Burglaries and break-ins are not new to any part of the world. Be it office or residence there is always a potential risk of burglary and there are a lot of improvements in security systems which are much complicated and pricey when compared to CCTV. CCTV too has come a long way since its origin. They have more functionality than to just monitor the surroundings.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is internetwork of cameras and television where you will be able to watch the captured video on a television or DVR within the network. There are a whole lot of models in camera and setups to choose from depending on the purpose and need of the buyer. We will see all of the common types their features and purposes to help you pick the right one.

Types of CCTV cameras

The five major types of CCTV camera in use are the,

Dome Camera: it is the most commonly used indoor camera. it can be mounted over a wall or ceiling and the position needs to be set while fixing the cameras. This is ideal for small rooms and has an IR mode to capture monochromatic video in the dark too. Dome cameras are the cheapest and most value for money if you are trying to set up a basic CCTV surveillance system.  

Bullet camera: Another most common camera that can be seen in the outdoors. This camera is well suited for outdoors because of its resistance to natural factors like dust and water. Another fact to consider is their performance, it is more capable than dome cameras in image quality.

Day / Night camera: Every camera shoot in the dark but with the help of Infra-Red illuminator but this one is a bit different. Thanks to the ultra-sensitive powerful camera sensor, these cameras will be able to produce a high-quality image during the night without the help of IR sensor. These are mostly preferred in industrial setups.

C-mount camera: These cameras are like SLR cameras when compared to point and shoot cameras. They have interchangeable lenses. So, the reach and coverage of the camera can be set as preferred by the buyer. Normal CCTV cameras can only cover a distance of 35-40 ft but fitting a long-range lens on C-mount camera can extend the range with lossless optical zoom.

PTZ Camera: Pan / Tilt and Zoom cameras by its name are capable of doing the functionalities from the monitoring hub electronically. This is used in a place where live monitoring is done all the time. The camera module goes into optical zoom until certain limit and then into digital zoom. Some advanced cameras even have autofocus and auto tracking facilities.

Points to consider before setting up your preferred CCTV security system

Start with the list out your needs of surveillance and area to be covered and the purpose of surveillance. For example, you might want to monitor your house 24/7 and from the outside and store it for 30 days before it gets deleted.

After sorting out your needs it is wise to find an expert. Call a security system provider and give them your requirements. They will help you with a selection of the DVR and storage options and will give you options to choose between cameras and the placements. Check our trusted partners Samsung CCTV Security Systems which is a trusted brand for a decade now. If your living in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain you can find the best collection of CCTV equipment ranging from Analog to IP cameras. Home cctv systems supplier in Dubai has all the major brands like Samsung, Vivotek, HikVision, Axis and CP plus.


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