Valorant: Good habits and mistakes to avoid during matches

Valorant is one of the best competitive FPS games on the eSports market, although it closed its beta-version only in 2020. It’s why we are interested in sharing with you some useful advice to triumph in battle. This article can be handy for every type of player. If you also like to bet on Valorant competitions, try to find a bookmaker on that website: Just type “Valorant” in the search to find websites in which you can bet on the game.

Once you get down to the arenas of Valorant it is important to acquire some good habits. Obviously, in this article we will discuss only fundamental points. 


One of the guiding principles of multiplayer games is to communicate with your teammates at all times. When it comes to competitive tactical shooter experiences, it is worth twice as much. Actually, we’re not just referring to conversation during games. Before the match, discuss strategy with your teammates. During the game, report enemy positions, rotations, and any other information necessary to create a successful game plan. To grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the recently employed strategies, it is also beneficial to exchange feedback after the game. Additionally, be as explicit as you can when you call.

Aiming practice 

Additionally, exercising your aim is crucial. Although it may seem unimportant, many people don’t practice it enough. Muscle memory is the basis for aim skill. One approach to achieve this is to periodically establish a standard to reach while executing it a lot of times and keep track of your score. This makes it advisable to spend at least 15 minutes shooting before beginning the race.

Stay still when shooting

Until you’re comfortable with the gun’s controls and recoil, try to keep your body still while shooting. Many people move around and jump in different directions to dodge the opponents’ gunshots. The best method to get killed without even getting close to your target, in our opinion, is to do this. In other words, it’s crucial to develop your aim before you can focus on your fighting style’s mobility. This brings up the following point.

Familiarize yourself with gun recoil

Regardless of the weapon you choose, keep using it until you’ve mastered controlling the rate of fire and recoil stresses. It is evident that you must respond by moving the mouse in the opposite direction from where the weapon is aiming when shooting. The loss/killing ratio will benefit and occasionally be significantly impacted by improvements in this regard. 

Mastering the so-called “strafe,” or lateral oscillatory movement without rotation of sight, is also of crucial importance. In this regard, it is essential to develop the habit of firing just before a swift movement and never when one is already in motion.

In brief, it is imperative to perfect the usage of this technique after practicing with the conventional weapons and maneuvers.

The crosshair, the favorite weapon and the use of the knife on the race

Every shooter should understand and master the crosshair customization process. There is no one size fits all model, style, or color. When you are comfortable with the various options, you can select the one that works best for you. The mouse’s sensitivity is the next topic, which typically has to be able to support at least a 180° rotation with a single movement.

Holding the device on the left side of the pad and sliding it straight to the right side will reveal the level of sensitivity. In any case, the Valorant settings offer a wide variety of modifications, which we suggest you research and explore extensively. It is always beneficial to have a weapon or agent that you feel most “owns” and who, for whatever reason, knows how to use it to its fullest potential. However, it’s advised to never set boundaries for oneself and to avoid letting your preferences cause your offensive elasticity to decline.

To learn the secret, attempt, test, and research. You will be able to employ other characters and weapons successfully in this fashion, making you more valuable to the team as a whole. Additionally, you won’t experience the stress and anguish of having your only agent of choice blow during the “solo queues.” 

Recoil can be controlled by squatting. To get acclimated to it, squat down and then maybe use the strafe to your advantage, increasing your chances of taking home the skin.

Don’t think about professional players’ “lucky shots,” which, by the way, only work 1 in a million times. Accept the real Valorant dictum, which is to “play it safe.” However, to make it really effective, strive to hop with circular movements. This will help you deflect accurate hits from your opponent. Last but not least is using the knife while moving, simply because running slower when a weapon is present.

The mistakes to avoid 

To avoid inglorious departures and, why not, the insulting comments of the comrades, it is necessary to abandon some rather common errors but not for these minor ones. If a teammate is in a difficult or even more difficult circumstance, do not act as though you “control” and are leading him. Giving him instructions through the microphone and aloud will only cause him to lose concentration or make matters worse. It is preferable to defer to him and let him decide what he thinks is best for the circumstance.

Enjoy Valorant by improving every day. And, of course, choose the team with which you feel most comfortable. And, please, share your thoughts below. 


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