The upcoming features that WhatsApp is going to offer to its users

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application specially design for smartphone and it is legally launched in 2009. And for now, WhatsApp is one of the top most trending application. It has billions of users. And day by day WhatsApp is offering a lot many new features to its users like video calling, audio calling, pictures, videos, documents sharing etc. Recently WhatsApp has launched the new feature of sharing stories like that of the snap chat feature which allows its users to not download much application because WhatsApp is offering new features day by day.

We also came to know the source, that there are two more new features that WhatsApp is planning to offer to its users with the new WhatsApp update. But right now WhatsApp is working on those new features. The next update will offer two new feature, one feature is that the users will be able to change their contact number without coming in anyone’s knowledge also your new number will automatically send to your contacts. And the another feature will be of LIVE LOCATION SHARING which allows the users to share their live locations with anyone.

But right now WhatsApp is testing these updates by offering them first to the windows smartphones users. But there is no problem with that and soon these updates will be available for the android platform also. And these update will solve many problems of the users that they are facing right now while changing their number and location sharing.

So these two new features will be great updates for WhatsApp as well as its user. As both, the features are very useful and especially the live location sharing feature will give power to the girls who feel insecure while coming back to home at night from their workplaces. So this new update will solve many problems of users of WhatsApp.



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