Unpublished Final Fantasy Comic Details Revealed By Kurt Busiek

You must know that writer Kurt Busiek did manage to reveal some new essential information that you will surely like to know about an unpublished comic series. Yes, Kurt did reveal something that may look interesting to you based on the Final Fantasy games.

It is sure that the comic is written by Kurt Busiek and the interior art has been designed by Dell Barras. While the letters are created by John Costanza and covers by Mike Mignola. 

As you all know, the series did never see the release date. So it was gradually going to close before some things did manage to fall apart. You should know that Kurt is the person who has written so many scripts while outlining a total of four.

Unpublished Final Fantasy Comic Details Are Out Now!!

Meanwhile, Barras did draw about an issue and a half which is also quite a remarkable work. As per Busiek’s statements, all these issues were complete after the first Final Fantasy which did release in North America. But it was way before the release date of the second Final Fantasy game. 

The series, as all fans and viewers can imagine was far enough along with the house that was specially created for the series.

You all will be happy as well as excited to know that Kurt Busiek did share some of the older images on Twitter along with the beautiful cover for the Final Fantasy series that Mignola did draw.

It may be possible that the characters that you are going to see in the game franchise series will look similar to the North American version of Final Fantasy II.

But one thing is sure and that is you are going to enjoy the game to the fullest. The Final Fantasy characters are indeed so amazing that all the viewers and fans will love them.  So you will not have to think twice before you are going to expect excitement, fun, and thrill for the next Final Fantasy game.

Not only the Final Fantasy franchise is offering an interesting story plot but also it will make sure to entertain each and every fan for sure. It will be possible for all the fans and gamers to get all the details about the latest Final Fantasy game.

Although Busiek did not have to work on any specific storyline, the overall new comic series is going to be more interesting and amazing. It is sure that all the readers are going to enjoy it by experiencing the excitement as well as thrill. 


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