Uncharted Star Mark Wahlberg Unveils Sully’s First Look and Glorious Mustache

It will be an exciting piece of news for all the Uncharted fans and gamers that they are going to get a first look at Mark Wahlberg’s version of Sully in the franchise.

You will be happy to know that the star just did post up a short video of him on his Instagram handle in order to ensure that all the fans as well as followers stay informed.

It is sure that there are so many people who are either fans of the star Mark Wahlberg or they are die-hard fans of the most amazing and exciting game, Uncharted.

You must know that this all will be following the first look that you all got at Tom Holland to be seen as Nathan Drake. It is sure that the reveal did manage to tore the internet apart as there is a number of people who are indeed looking out for some new details about the Sony movie.

It was the time when everyone was wondering about where Victor Sullivan was as the young hero reveals the new look. You should know that the production of Uncharted was surely all over the internet due to the Coronavirus pandemic that did manage to shake up the entire world.

But now, everyone must be excited to know that the Uncharted star Mark Wahlberg reveals the first look of Sully. 

Tom Holland said when he was asked about the new look, “There was definitely a lot of inspiration that came from the games, but it’s a very young, fresh take on the character because, obviously, we didn’t get to meet him all that much when he was younger”.

He continues, “But it’s a pretty awesome movie, and it’s global. We travel the world, we see some amazing places, and Mark Wahlberg and I are going to have a great summer together.”


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