Trendy phone accessories for girls in 2022 

Have you got a new phone this year, or has your friend got one? Looking for funky accessories to accessorize it— You are in the right spot!

Smartphones are more than a necessity. It is a way to portray ourselves. Like we change our outfits to be trendy and updated. Similarly, phones are the new view of life. You need to keep it updated and stylish whenever you step out of the house. It is not necessary to pick costly things, but little smart things like girly cute popsockets, chic phone cases, etc. can do the job for you. 

In this article— we have listed the best cute smartphone gadgets one can own this year in 2022. Are you thinking- why get phone accessories? Well, the answer is quite simple! To enhance phone capability and functionality. Girls! Most of the accessories mentioned are smartphone friendly and will change the way, you look at your smartphone.

Samsung Earbuds-

Samsung promises to deliver quality products that justify the price. If we talk about its earbuds, they have noise canceling and are perfect for wearing for long hours. They are comfortable, small, and secure pieces when worn. It has five hours of battery backup and delivers 20 hours of battery with a wireless charging case.

They aren’t water resistant, so you cannot wear them while workouts. Its Bluetooth connectivity options are great and are best to gift and use.

LED Light Strip Phone controllable-

An LED light is a great option for a girls’ bedroom. It lightens up the room and takes us back to the fairyland. Nowadays, you get lights that are controllable with the phone. You can adjust the intensity of light, color, and temperatures, isn’t it cool? 

 Stylish gray glasses for eyes protection-

We are tech-savvy these days, and too much screen time harms our eyes. To prevent strain on your eyes, get yourself gray glasses. Blue light is filtered by them. The design is chic and comes in a variety of colors. It does not require a prescription. Choosing a frame style is all you need to do.

Tiny Tracker to track your lost keys-

Technology is one step ahead. If you are a messy person who forgets where you left your keys yesterday- get these tiny trackers. They have a small inbuilt Bluetooth with a range of 200ft and can be attached to keys, purses, or any small thing you forget often. It is best to attach it to your keyrings.

Camera Lens Kit-

If you want to amp up your photography game— get a camera lens. They can zoom photos up to 15x and provide HD quality snapshots. Just clip it to your phone, and you are ready to go.

Flexible Car Mount-

The car mount is a great device that you can gift to any of your friends. When on a girl’s trip it comes in handy as you have to stick it to your car dashboard and use Google for navigation. It also provides readability and calls pick options.

Smart Home Assistant-

Google Pixel, Alexa, etc. All help you with voice commands. There is a variety of things you can do with it. It can play music, brief you about something, play news, call, and much more. These are way cooler than you think.

Portable Photo Printer-

Portable photo prints are great to picture memories. You don’t have to rush to the photographer for hard images anymore. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity print images on your portable photo printer on the go.

Charging Cable-

Braided cables are more durable than you have normal ones. It does not tangle and looks nice. It is cool when you are traveling. 

Chic Phone Cases-

Phone cases look smart and protect your device. They are a good way to portray your style. After all, we all love happy aesthetically designed phone covers. You can check them on Million Cases India.

Mini Projector-

Why not enjoy movie theatre style at home? Just plug in the projector and Bluetooth speaker and enjoy movies with your girl gang. You can stream movies, binge shows from Netflix or Amazon. Enjoy anything you like.

Pop grips-

iPhone or Android user whatever you are. You will love popsockets or pop grips. They are fabulous round-shaped gadgets that are useful and smartly designed. It is worth gifting and does not dig a hole in your pockets.


I hope you liked the list. It has all the new phone accessories that make a great pair with your smartphones. This 2022 makes it special, and technology-based. Pick smart things that stay with you for years.


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