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Tonight is a EuroMillion draw like no other. 163 million euros are up for grabs, one of the prettiest amounts at stake in the European lottery. This is not the maximum since it was 220 million and it was won by a Frenchwoman. That said, it still changes a life without a doubt.

As always, the question of strategy arises when playing EuroMillion. In reality, it is difficult to adopt a method because each of the draws is independent. They are unrelated, so you have no reason to find any real, concrete similarities between the different prints. That said, there are still numbers that fall often and we cannot deny it.

But first, you must register on FDJ here:

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How to maximize your chances of winning?

Before playing, you must first open an account on the official FDJ website. This will allow you to adopt all the strategies and follow the results live. It is much more practical at a tobacconist, where you have to move, keep your ticket and come back the next day. Here you can do it all at once from a website or an app.

Once you have registered (which takes 2 minutes), it will then come time to complete your EuroMillion grid. And there, you are in front of a gate and you do not know what to tick. You can put numbers that are dear to you, that’s a solution. Many players also take the opportunity to take a look at the numbers that have been drawn (or not) in the past.

Below you will therefore find the numbers and stars that were drawn the most (and least often) in the EuroMillion lotteries. To give you an idea, the number 20 has been drawn no less than 68 times out of 539 prints. That’s 12% of the times, which is huge. As for numbers 23 and 5, they were drawn 63 times over the same 5-year period.

  • Numbers drawn most often: 20 23 5 27 17
  • Stars drawn most often: 2 3
  • Numbers drawn least often: 18 22 40 33 24
  • Stars drawn least often: 10 5

Again, the draws are independent, so there is no link between these past statistics and future statistics. Having said that, one can’t help but believe that there is a small chance that they will fall again. Clearly, if any of these numbers (or stars) are in your lucky numbers list, you should feel confident in checking them off.

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Two more chances to increase your earnings

Compare the numbers between the past and the present, why not. However, for this EuroMillion draw of 163 million euros, you have to know how to go further in your strategy. Remember, the winning combination will be made up of 5 numbers and 2 stars. You can tick 5 and 2, and it will cost you 2.50 euros for the grid.

That said, you can also choose to check more to increase your probability of winning. It will cost you more, but the odds increase significantly. To put it simply, you will be able to simulate all this directly on the FDJ site (or via its mobile application). This will allow you to know the price of a grid for the EuroMillion draw.

Finally, you should know that the EuroMillion draw will also give you access to the My Million lottery. The latter is a lottery which ensures a French winner for each of the draws. And the latter will leave with a million euros. In other words, with each My Million draw, there is a French millionaire who will be guaranteed. Almost 100 people have become millionaires this year in France with this.

The My Million draw costs nothing at all: you just need to have participated in the EuroMillion draw before. When you play a grid at the latter, you will receive a small code which is your participation in My Million. For each EuroMillion grid, you therefore receive a participation in My Million. If you complete 10 grids, you will have 10 chances to become a millionaire tonight with My Million.

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Enjoy the super Black Friday jackpot

This Friday evening, November 26, there is this super jackpot to be won for Black Friday. If you want to dream, this is a unique opportunity. Obviously, the probability of winning the EuroMillion super prize is very low. However, nothing is impossible. In addition, the My Million game is a great second chance for all French people. If the EuroMillion is European, My Million is exclusively for French customers. And again, this draw is free and associated with your EuroMillion ticket.

To play EuroMillion, it’s here:

Play EuroMillions


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