This Modern Attendance Tracker App Makes Tracking Attendance a Breeze

If you have students or lots of employees and need to track their attendance daily, it can be downright impossible to perform accurate attendance tracking on everyone. This is why it’s a very good idea to use a professional and digital attendance tracker for employees.

Boomr is one of the latest and most modern attendance tracker app on the market, and it offers all the value, quality and efficiency that you want at the best prices on the market.

Why should you use Boomr as an attendance tracker?

The reason why Boomr is a great employee attendance tracker is that it allows you to see how many people are actively working for you remotely at this time. Nowadays there are plenty of remote workers that lie when it comes to the real amount of time they spend on your project. It’s easy to see why, most of them are paid per hour and not per project. Using the Boomr attendance tracker for business helps remove that problem.

With Boomr, you have immediate access to a powerful attendance tracking software that has its own GPS location feature. This helps you figure out the location of that person in real time, so you can easily see if they are at their office or at home.

You can also track the real hours worked on the project, any overtime and so on. You can also automate things by sending emails and in-app notifications to employees when it comes to taking a break, clock in & clock out and so on. All the little details matters and Boomr manages to handle everything adequately and without any downsides.

How accurate is Boomr’s attendance tracker?

One of the most important things to focus on when you choose an attendance tracker for employees (or students) is its overall accuracy. You want to make sure that the attendance tracking software you are using has great accuracy, as the last thing you need is any inaccuracies.

Thankfully, Boomr is very accurate, and it also comes with the dedicated GPS features and project tracking that helps you prevent any cheating employees. The process is extremely efficient, and it brings in front a rewarding set of results all the time.

Moreover, Boomr also has multiple alerts and reminders designed specifically to make people maintain an accurate insight into their work time.

Thanks to this tool, you have accurate and hassle-free shift management, and it really is a process that you will enjoy again and again. It’s always a good idea to use such an attendance tracker for business because it’s super reliable and at the same time you can avoid any unwanted costs that aren’t warranted.

As a whole, Boomr is one of the best employee attendance tracker solutions on the market. It’s a very professional tool and one that you can easily adjust to your own needs. It also works for any industry, and you will have no problem customizing it the way you want.

You can try their employee attendance tracker app free for 30-days here:


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