Things To Watch Before Buying An Electric Car In Dubai

It is very well known in Dubai that if you have an electric car, you don’t have to pay the Salik Fee. Also, RTA in collaboration in DEWA is offering free parking space for electric vehicles as well, along with various locations in Dubai. These two things should be enough to convince you to buy the electric car.

Electric Cars
Electric Cars

Also, you can charge your electric vehicles at the public charging stations in Dubai, free up to 2019. There are about 100 public charging locations spread around the entire map of Dubai and is also expected to double as well. You also get discounts on electric car registration and renewals too. Therefore, if you do want to renew your car registration, you can simply head over to

Apart from that, driving an electric vehicle is also good for the environment as well. The Dubai Government has a current target of 42,000 EVs on the roads of Dubai by 2030. Therefore, the following are some of the important things to look into before buying an electric vehicle in Dubai.

The Driving Range Of The Car

It should be kept in mind that, even though with the range of electric vehicles is improving day by day, it is still very less than what you’d expect from a conventional car running on either petrol or diesel. Therefore, it is very important to get the model of the EV that will perfectly suit your driving lifestyle. Also, another thing to keep in mind that batteries deplete faster in the hot weather of Dubai.

The Time Taken For Charging

The owners of electric cars should have the patience to wait for their car to charge up. This will take longer than filling up a car with fuel. Depending upon your usage on a daily basis, you have to charge your vehicle every day at the public charging stations. Also, you need to know that you don’t need to charge your car up to 100 percent all the time. If you don’t use your car very often, then there is no need for charging your car every day.

Impact On The Electric Bill

Electric is kind of cheap in Dubai, but still owning an electric vehicle will change that. You have to access your budget, and then decide on getting an electric vehicle. You will still have the option to charge at public service stations, for free up till 2019. Also, the best thing about owning an electric vehicle is having low maintenance costs and driving being noise free. It also costs more to refuel a car three or four times, than charging an EV. Therefore, if you want to sell off your old car in Dubai, you can do so at

Hybrid Vs Pure Electric

If you’re not comfortable owning an all-electric vehicle, you can go for a hybrid. Also, if you don’t live in a villa, and don’t have a charging socket in the garage, then you should definitely opt for a hybrid.

Having Fast Chargers

In any case, if you do have a place to charge your EV at home, then you should opt for a fast charger. A fast charger can charge most new EVs up to 80 percent in just 30-45 minutes.


Therefore, it can easily be seen that by following these above tips and tricks, one can easily buy the best EV for driving. You can also head over to the Tesla showroom in Dubai as well. Also, make sure to get a good insurance policy for your car too.


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