The PlayStation 5 Delivered 32 Million Copies In Its Best Quarter

The PlayStation 5 Delivered 32 Million Copies In Its Best Quarter:

This statistic, buoyed by the first widespread availability of PS5 systems in retailers, marks an 83% rise compared to the same 3 month period last year.

The PS5 System Sold 12.8 Million Units:

It means PS5 system sales have now hit 12.8 million for the first 3 quarters of Sony’s fiscal year 2022, the highest figure for the platform in a fiscal year to date.

Sony Has Delivered 30 Million PS5 Consoles To Users:

Sony said last month that it has sold 30 million PS5 systems to customers, implying that about 2.1 million may still be in the channel based on today’s shipping data.

Sony’s New Goal For The PS5 This Year Is To Sell 19 Million Units.

Sony is aiming for a yearly sales of 19 million PS5s, so it will need to sell an extra 6.2 million systems by the end of March to meet its objective. The system is performing well in light of the supply challenges caused by the coronavirus epidemic, and Sony has officially also said PS5 supply concerns have been resolved.

Sony Still Has To Ship Another 6.2 Million Units To Meet Their New Target:

To meet its yearly goal of 19 million, which has now been raised from 18 million, the business will need to ship additional 6.2 million units by the end of March.

Can The PS5 Break The PS4 Record?

The PlayStation 4 delivered just under 38 million systems within the same time span, thus the PS5 is lagging behind its predecessor.

Sony’s Revenue In The Second Quarter Was $8.79 Billion:

Sony’s Game & Network Services segment posted Q2 sales of 1246.5 billion ($8.79 billion) on Thursday, up 53% year on year and the company’s biggest quarter ever terms of Japanese yen numbers. Operating profit increased by 25% year on year, reaching 116 billion ($820 million).

Sony announced earlier this month that the PS5’s protracted fight with supply difficulties was finally resolved. “If you’re wanting to buy a PS5, you will now have a lot simpler time locating one at stores throughout the world,” it stated.

Sony’s MAU Increased In The Second Quarter:

Following two consecutive quarters of decrease, the number of PlayStation Plus members and monthly active users (MAUs) on the PlayStation Network grew over the three months leading up to January.

Despite the decline in subscribers, Sony’s Network services revenue, which includes PS Plus and advertising revenue, increased for the second consecutive quarter to 122 billion (up from 117 billion and 106 billion), owing to the more expensive subscription tiers launched by PS Plus as well as the weaker yen.

MAU For PS5 Grew Over 10 Million In 2020:

MAUs on the PlayStation Network increased by 10 million, hitting 112 million for the quarter. This amount is up from 106 million last year and 102 million in the preceding quarter, which was Sony’s lowest MAUs total since beginning to provide this data in early 2020.

Sony defines monthly active users as the expected total number of individual accounts who played games or accessed PlayStation Network services during the fourth quarter.

First-party titles drove the surge in complete game sales, which grew from 6.6 million in Q2 to 20.8 million in Q3. This Thursday, Sony announced that God of War Ragnarök, which was launched in November, has delivered 11 millions of copies in three months.

The overall number of PlayStation Plus customers was 46.4 million in the third quarter of 2022, down from 48 million the previous year but up from 45.5 million in the previous quarter ending on September 30, 2022.


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