The Phone Systems That Is Regarded The Best For Small Businesses

It is no doubt that, in order to compete with established large businesses, you need the best office phone systems. Office phone systems will not only help you connect with customers in a better manner, but also use the service internally for all your employees to communicate as well. With the help of VoIP and IP phones, it is becoming easy to transmit not only voice but also video.

Even though the full list comes later in the article, the following are the best office phone systems that you can buy:

● Polycom VVX 600
Starts at $195
Pros: High-definition voice quality from Polycom
Cons: Slight upgrade from the Polycom VX500
● Grandsteam GXP2170
Starts at $99
Pros: Support for 5-way conference
Cons: Standard extension not provided
● Grandstream GXV3275conference
Starts at $195
Pros: Will supports up to 6 SIP accounts and lines
Cons: Not up to the mark voice quality

Factors for choosing the best small business phone systems:
● The number of extensions needed for your own office.
● The number of phone lines your business requires.
● The kind of telephone system that will fit your system.
● The growth strategy of your business.

Two types of office phones systems are briefly detailed as follows:

● Landline or PSTN Phone systems: Publicly Switched Telephone Network is the standard or normal system of phone lines which are very easily available commercially.
Pros: The technology is mature and most people understand its functioning as well.
Cons: Small offices have to use PBX or VoIP extensions, long distance calls are expensive and lesser availability.
● VoIP Phone Systems: Phones that use Voice over Internet Protocol use the internet connection to transmit your voice. There is no need for a PBX system here.
Pros: It is well-established, offer various features, cheap and easy for long distance calls.
Cons: Entirely dependent on internet connection.

VoIP Phones can be of three types:
● Wireless VoIP phones that use WIFI or a DECT transceiver.

● Softphones for VoIP which uses a software application to be installed on the phone for the functions.
● Conferencing phones that use VoIP to make calls using more than two participants.

The Top 10 VoIP phones

Even though we have revealed the top 3 earlier in this article, the following are the top 10 VoIP phones for your business. phones for your business.

  1. Polycom VVX 600
    Cost: $195
    With 4.3” touchscreen, dual USB ports, high-definition voice and voicemail support, DND function, Bluetooth 2.1, Ethernet port and support for Microsoft Exchange makes it the best one of the lot.
  2. Grandstream GXP2170
    Cost: $99
    Has colour 4.4” LCD display, 44 programmable keys, Bluetooth and plugin extension support, up to 12 SIP lines support, HD voice and full-duplex speakerphone and can easily be wall- mountable.
  3. Grandstream GXV3275
    Cost: $210
    Has 7” touchscreen, support for 6 SIP accounts and lines, runs of Android 4.2, has 1 MP camera, supports Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, HDMI and SD cards as well.
  4. Htek UC924
    Cost: $90
    Has 3.5” display, two ethernet ports, supports 4 SIP accounts and 5 way conference calls.
  5. Yealink SIP-T19P-E2
    Cost: $45
    Has a tiny LCD display, one SIP line, 3-way conference support, wall-mountable and has headset compatibility.
  6. Polycom SoundPoint IP Series
    Cost: $70 – $250
    Colour display, 3 or 4 SIP accounts supports, HD voice, and easy to use interface designs.
  7. Cisco 7900 IP Phones
    Cost: $200 – $500
    With LCD display, dynamic phone features, WIFI capability, audio-quality is excellent and has XML benefits.
  8. Yealink T2 Series
    Cost: $100 – $200
    Comes with high-definition voice support, colour display, PBX support, XML browser, Ethernet support and SIP account support.
  9. Grandstream GXP1400/1405 HD
    Cost: $65 – $75
    Has Linus-based operating system, 2 lines and 1/2 SIP account support, high-definition voice support and has a nice display as well.


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