The Hogwarts Story How To Purchase A Store In Hogsmeade

The Hogwarts Story How To Purchase A Store In Hogsmeade:

Hogwarts Legacy lets you dive into the world of wizardry by giving you a lot of quests that will test your skills and take you down paths you didn’t expect. The “Minding Your Own Business” quest is one of the most exciting ones you can do. It can lead to you owning your own shop in the charming village of Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of fun things for all kinds of players to do, and if you finish most of the story, you could even open your own shop. To do this, you have to finish the long side quest “Minding Your Own Business” & buy the shop from Cassandra Mason.

You can name your store and sell anything in Hogsmeade at the best price. It is a good thing to get before the game after the story.

How To Get A Shop In Hogsmeade:

It’s important to know that players on PlayStation 4|5 are the only ones who can own a shop in Hogsmeade right now in Hogwarts Legacy. So if you play on PC, Xbox, or Switch, you won’t be able to start this exciting quest until early February of next year.

But if you have a PlayStation and can play Hogwarts Legacy, the Minding Your Own Business quest is a long adventure that will test your magic skills.

How To Unlock Your Own Store:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have to beat Cassandra Mason and finish “Minding Your Own Business” before you can open your own shop. But in reality, not every player will be able to get their own shop, at least in the next year.

This Quest Is Available Only in PC,Xbox,Nintendo Switch:

Minding Your Own Business is an Exclusive Quest for PlayStation 5 and 4 players, so there’s no way around this restriction. At the same time, this quest will be available for PC, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch players starting on February 10, 2024. It’s not fair, but there are probably PR and money reasons for doing that.

To start the quest, you must be at least Level 18 and talk to a house-elf named Penny who is standing outside a closed shop next to the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame. After you clean up the shop, which belongs to the witch Cassandra Mason, you’ll find a mysterious chest that has a ladder leading down into the dark depths below.

As you move through the chest, there will be puzzles to solve & bosses to beat. As soon as you come out of the chest, you’ll have to fight Cassandra herself. If you win, she will have to go to Azkaban. Then, you’ll be able to name the shop and start selling items you find in the game for a higher price, making it a great way to make extra money.

How Many Gold Coins You Must To Purchase a Store:

To begin Minding Your Own Shop, you have to go to the place shown in the picture above. Here, you’ll meet a nice house-elf girl who you can talk to to start your quest. After that, you’ll go to Cassandra Mason, who will agree to sell you a shop for 1,500 Gold, but not everything is that easy.

There is a long way to go, and there will be a fight with Cassandra. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today, so we won’t give away the story.

What’s Good About Owning A Shop?

In Hogwarts Legacy, when you buy your own shop, you get to name it. A House-Elf will work as the shopkeeper. Sadly, the only real benefit of owning your own shop is that you can sell your items for 10% more. You can’t really buy anything from your own shop either. No matter what, you can now sell all of your things in your own shop for more money.

What Else Can You Buy Or Sell In Your Own Shop?

A House Elf named Penny runs the store where you can buy things in Hogsmeade. You can sell items to Penny for 10% more than you can at other shops in Hogsmeade as well as the Highlands. You can’t buy anything from the shop, which is unfortunate. The only benefit here is that you can sell items to Penny for more Galleons.


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