The Callisto Protocol: Striking Distance partners with Skybound

callisto protocol

The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror developed by a team made up of Dead Space alumni, has cross-media ambitions.

Striking Distance Studios has forged a strategic partnership with Skybound Entertainment, a company run by The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman, which operates in the comic book, television, film, and video game industries.

A single-player narrative horror/survival game, The Callisto Protocol, will take us to one of Jupiter’s moons in the year 2320. More precisely, the action takes place in the maximum-security prison “Black Iron,” which will require unlocking the secrets and escape.

Scheduled for 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series, the title is being developed by Striking Distance Studios, a Krafton affiliate ( PUBG ) run by Glen Schofield, executive producer of the first-ever Dead Space.

In a statement, Skybound Entertainment announces that The Callisto Protocol will benefit from its expertise in developing transmedia horror-themed brands as well as its marketing and distribution capabilities.

Striking Distance Studios has one goal with The Callisto Protocol: to create one of the most terrifying games of all time. Skybound Entertainment is unrivaled in the worlds of sci-fi and horror storytelling and will be an incredible partner in bringing the world of The Callisto Protocol to life in games and beyond. Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios.

Thanks to Skybound, The Walking Dead has gone from its original comic book to multiple TV series, books, video games, and more, and we look forward to exploring similar possibilities for The Callisto Protocol with Skybound’s cross-platform expertise.

Robert Kirkman, president of Skybound Entertainment and creator of The Walking Dead.
The press release also notes that Striking Distance Studios, founded in June 2019, already has more than 150 employees and continues to recruit.


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