The Best Build For The Skull Merchant In Dead By Daylight Is

The Best Build For The Skull Merchant In Dead By Daylight Is:

In Dead by Daylight, the Skull Merchant is a Killer that is so hard to master that developer Behavior Interactive says so. Even though her ability seems hard, what will be hard is finding the right bonuses and add-ons.

This guide tells you how to build The Skull Merchant in the best way so that you can kill all of the Survivors in your first Trial with her. In Dead by Daylight Chapter 27. Tools of Torment, a high-tech psychopath named The Skull Merchant is the latest killer to enter the Fog.

She is a versatile killer who can find survivors and kill them with her futuristic Drones. However, survivors could indeed disable her Drones as a way to fight back.

The Best Build For Perks:

Game Afoot:

This perk works while you are trying to catch the Obsession. When you break Generators, Breakable Walls, or Pallets, you get a 5% Haste Status for 8/9/10 seconds.

When you use a Basic Attack on the survivor who has been in chase the longest, they become the Obsession. Only one Survivor can be Obsessed with the Killer at a time.


When you hook a Survivor, you can get up to 10 Tokens. Then, when you hook a Survivor, the perk goes into effect. For the next 30 seconds, it slows the rate at which Survivors can heal by 5% for every Token you hold.

If a Trial goes on for a long time, you’ll hook more Survivors, and so this perk keeps them from healing as quickly as they’d like to. Many people give up, which means you can beat them next moment you see them.


When you break the next breakable wall or pallet after hooking a survivor, any other survivors within 32 meters will scream and show their aura for 4 seconds. After the Survivor is Hooked, THWACK! can be used for 45/60/75 seconds.

Iron Hold:

The effects of a Survivor fighting are lessened, and they have more time to fight out of your grasp. This just makes your life easier because you can quickly end up with a lot of Survivors to hook.

This perk loadout makes the most of the Eyes in the Sky skill of The Skull Merchant. To make the most of this Killer, you need to put drones near the generators in a Trial and afterwards rush to them when Survivors set them off.

If a survivor fails to disarm a drone or stays in the area for too long, they become “Exposed.” This means that you can kill them with a single hit. Jolt makes sure you get the most out of that hit, & Leverage encourages Survivors to take more risks, so even if they get out of the drone’s range, they’ll still die in one hit.

Dissolution just lets you reach a Survivor faster but without getting stunned, & Iron Grasp is great for hooking Survivors & moving on. You can’t put drones near a hooked Survivor, so you’ll have to use the extra time you get to hook to find a Survivor further away from your drones.

You can switch out Leverage for Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine instead. This turns 4 different hooks into Scourge Hooks, which move faster when you’re outside their range.

Leverage is great because it makes it hard for the Survivor to heal, but Scourge Hooks could go so fast that a Survivor is killed before anyone can save them.

The Best Build-On:

Dead Batteries:

Every survivor must start with a Claw Trap, & all Claw Traps get more batteries. Even though Survivors can take these away when the batteries are dead, they can be charged by being near a drone.

With these items, you can track Survivors around the map even when they’re not near a drone, and they’ll become Exposed faster. This means that you can kill a Survivor right away in the first minute of the Trial.

Movement Prediction For The Future:

Survivors who go into the “Active Zone” of a drone have their auras shown for a short time. This is very useful because you can hear when that Survivor is nearby and see them from anywhere on the map.

This is a great way to keep Survivors away from generators & force them to keep going into the drone’s range, which recharges their Claw Traps.

Giving Out Cut Coin:

We think the best Offering for use with The Skull Merchant is the Cut Coin, because it gives Survivors even less choice. Most Med-Kits won’t heal a Survivor if they have the Leverage perk.

Everyone on the team has to use what they brought to the Trial, which doesn’t last long. This is a great Offering because it reflects what The Skull Merchant does in real life, which is to take away competitors’ advantages until only the bare bones are left.

The next Trial will be very hard to be a Survivor in because of these add-ons as well as the Offering. You will have to spend a lot of time and money in the Blood-web to get enough to use in every Trial, but it’s worth it.

We found that Survivors rarely used items against us because they were either working on generators or didn’t want to be found. The problem is that these add-ons make them simple to identify, take down, and hook, so very few Survivors will be able to get away from you.

Even when the exits are active, you might use drones on the doors to fight back and just get a few more kills.


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