The 10 Best Games That Let You Fly

The 10 Best Games That Let You Fly:

In real life, flying a plane seems like a very stressful thing to do. When tried to compare to driving a car, there seem to be 100s of switches you may have to push along with an entirely new dimension to think about.

You are able to experience that sense of excitement from the ease and security of your own home thanks to the many flight simulators out there. Use these ten best flight sim games to take to the skies.

If you love flying and want to find the very next best flight sim game to become obsessed with, you’ve come to the right place. The finest flight simulators on the market make it easy to feel what it’s like to fly your favorite plane.

Studios have everything, from a relaxing flight through beautiful scenery to the excitement of a dogfight. Here are some of the finest flight simulators that will make you feel like you’re in charge of the sky. You know it’s time to take off because the control tower tells you so.

You switch a few switches, start moving down the runway, and afterwards pull back on the yoke. As you launch into the air, she goes up, getting higher with each second.

You keep going up till the you attain the perfect height for cruising. You’re starting to play one of the finest flight simulator games, but it’s time to take off.

Battle Of Bodenplatte For Il-2 Sturmovik:

The Battle of Bodenplatte, a huge air operation by the German Luftwaffe throughout January 1945, is the main focus of the game. It takes place as the war is coming to an end.

Some of the planes the player can fly for either the Allies or the Axis are the P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-51 Mustang, the Spitfire, the Bf-109, the Fw-190, and the Me-262 jet fighter.

Flight Simulator 2020 From Microsoft:

The long-awaited follow-up to Microsoft’s flight simulator came out in 2020 as well as went on to get great reviews.

In our review of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we said that even though the review build had slow loading times and a lot of crashes, “none of that has dulled the game’s beauty or taken away from the awe I’ve felt at the things I’ve planned, done, and have seen in between them.”

Combat Air Patrol 2:

Combat Air Patrol 2 has everything you need for a military flight simulator that is more up-to-date but still has all the details you need. It has beautiful graphics and options for fighting in the air and at sea. It’s also surprisingly easy to learn how to play and control.

X-Plane 11:

You could say that X-Plane 11 is a more realistic and up-to-date take on the simulator genre. The game is a top contender for MFS because it has more detailed models, real-life equipment, as well as better immersive features.

It also has a much cleaner interface than most simulation games, which makes it easy for new players to get up and running quickly.

The game’s engine behavior and aerodynamics are much more accurate than most others of its kind, so it can be used by real professionals as a training tool.

This shows how much attention to detail the game has, as it is one of the most realistic and accurate ways to fly. When you add a passionate community and a large database of mods, you have such a great flight simulation game.

The Endless Flight:

Since mobile devices are getting better all the time, it wouldn’t be fair to leave one off the list. If you’re on a mobile device, Infinite Flight could be your best option.

It has real-world weather conditions like the speed and direction of the wind, the temperature, and rain, all of which affect the flight. The game also has a mode where two or more people could indeed fly together and talk to one another via a chat system.

Take on Helicopters:

If you want the best helicopter simulator, you’ve found it. Even though it came out in 2011, it still holds up thanks to its very realistic flight controls.

Skies Unknown: Ace Combat 7

The first games on our list tried to make flying as realistic and accurate as possible. Ace Combat 7 takes a different approach. The seventh installment in the Bandai Namco series is a crazy ride in every way.

Even so, the game still has real aircraft, complete loadouts, and air battles that are very realistic. The campaign story in Ace Combat 7 may be hard to follow if you haven’t played any of the other games in the series.

But the game’s amazing graphics and fast-paced dogfights are sure to give players a memorable and difficult time. Complete missions that look like they came straight from out action movies as well as fight enemies in dangerous battles all over the world.

Program For Kerbal Space:

At first glance, it may seem strange that this title is on this list. But if you look past the cartoony look as well as the fun indie gameplay, Kerbal Space Program is a deep simulation of a space rocket on its own.

The goal is for players to build a spaceship that works according to real-world aerodynamics and orbital physics and then send it into space. You not only drive the craft, but you also build it, which gives you a feeling of having accomplished something on its own.

Kerbal Space Program is based a lot on science, and the success of missions depends on how well the game simulates gravity, drag, ballistics, acceleration, as well as a lot more.

And a successful launch means that your base of operations as well as the reach of the race in the game grow. Everything, from building and strategy to funding as well as upgrades, impacts the final result of your mission and needs to be dealt with tactically advantageous.

Taking control of the future of the alien race and developing methods to discover the star system can be a lot of fun for gamers who like to mess around in space.

The Wingman Project:

This game is for all the rebels who don’t care what other people think. Even though the gameplay in Project Wingman is refined and the graphics are definitely immersive, especially throughout VR mode, the game doesn’t try to be a simulation and instead feels more like an action game.

It has a fun single-player mode with easy controls as well as challenging missions, making it great for people who want fast-paced combat.

In this game, which takes place on an alternate Earth, players must fly as well as fight their way through harsh and difficult environments all over the planet.

Project Wingman has a great combat setting with beautiful volumetric clouds, exotic locations, as well as a wide range of planes and weapons.

And with good peripherals and VR support, players can really feel the excitement when they’re in the cockpit of their selected plane and fighting in the air.


The Google Earth digital geographic data and satellite images are used to create a global environment in the GeoFS flight simulator.

Even though the graphics aren’t as smooth as some of the other options on this list, you don’t have to download a filled game to play this simulator. It works right in your browser! The simulator lets you fly 20 different types of planes and lets you land and take off from 30,000 different runways in real time.

As if that wasn’t adequate, even the free app lets you play with a lot of other people at the same time. This means you can play GeoFS with your friends or run into other people who are doing the same thing. In fact, GeoFS has a real-time map that shows where every pilot is.

Even space travel is possible. You can not only fly across the Earth, but also over the landscapes of the moon and mars, whose maps come straight from NASA.


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