The 10 Best Codes For Fortnite’s Zone Wars

The 10 Best Codes For Fortnite’s Zone Wars:

You don’t always want to play the Battle Royale or Save the World game modes in Fortnite. But since the community as well as content creators have made so many maps, it may be challenging to figure out what to play.

This guide shows you the finest Fortnite Zone Wars codes so you are able to play the best Zone Wars games while making Fortnite feel new again.

Fortnite Was Made By:

Epic Games made Fortnite, which is a 100-player game called Battle Royale. Once a low-key video game where the main goal was to survive strikes from swarms of zombies, it slowly became a huge hit that millions of people play every day.

Fortnite is one of the few battle royale games where competition is a big part of the game. The developers have been known to hold tournaments and events where the winners get thousands of dollars.

Zone Wars Is A Game.

Zone Wars maps in Fortnite’s creative mode are some of the best and most played maps in the game. Zone Wars let you feel what it’s like to be in a late-game Fortnite match, when players are usually very good at building, editing, as well as moving carefully.

List Of Codes:

We’ve found the top 10 Fortnite Zone Wars codes for maps that you can play right now. Before you jump in, read through all of them and pick the one you like best.

They are not in any particular order because each one is a little different and worth trying out if you like this game mode. Find out what to do with these codes to get into games by reading the section at the end of the list.

War In The Mountain Zone:

Code: 2120-6008-5979

When people play Mountain Zone War, the uneven surface of the mountains is often a challenge. As with most maps, the most enjoyable way to play is with a group of friends and a friendly competition to see who can stay alive the longest.

In real games, it’s hard to guess end zones almost all of the time. This is especially true in competitive lobbying, where storm surge can sometimes also be an issue.

This Fortnite Zone war code would then help you figure out how to get through the rough spots you might run into.

Arena War Zones:

Code: 9001-5179-7283

This is a small map made for quick games between two teams of four players each. It’s hard, and you’ll have to use your best strategies to get through it. This is the perfect map for practising for duos competitions or if you just want to fight with other players in a tough session.

Cyber Conflict:

Code: 4084-4464-8065

Cyber Clash is a great map for Zone Wars games that uses Circuit City. It’s very different from what you’ll see in the main game, and in the endgame stages of a match, it lets four teams fight for glory against each other.

Zone War:

Code: 3515-0375-5877

This is the best new way to play Zone War, since each round changes from a box fight to a zone war. On this large island map, you’ll have to be quick on your feet and put your abilities to the test by fighting up close or in a small area.

Desert Zone Wars:

Code: 9700-3224-6429

This map should have a lot of players because it is in a desert and has hot winds and a beautiful setting. The buildings and lights are set up so you’re able to fight your friends and still take in the beauty of this wonderful world.

In Fortnite, players can still have build fights, as well as the storm might get in the way sometimes. However, this will teach players how important it is to build on high ground and be aggressive.

Wars In The Gulag:

Code: 9810-7942-8800

One of the most popular Zone Wars maps is Gulag Zone Wars. It adds challenges, rewards, as well as custom loadouts to this already crazy idea. Once you reach a certain point, you have to fight back against enemies.

This amazing custom game mode won’t help you as much in the endgame as some of the other maps on this list, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Three Towers:

Code: 1932-4066-7629

Have you ever wished you could play Fortnite in a fantasy world? Now you have a chance. The Three Towers is like being in the Middle Ages because it has villages, forests, and big castles. On this map, people can play alone, in pairs, or even in groups of three.

This map must help the players figure out how the game works and get better at it. The storm moves randomly to a certain place, so players must safeguard their materials and come up with good plans to get ahead of their opponents.

Wars In The Tilted Zone:

Code: 9017-5725-7319

This map is very simple, but it’s fun. It looks like Tilted Towers, but it’s the end of a game. All done. This is the perfect map for you if you like Tilted Towers and Zone Wars.

Zero Delay Zone Wars:

Code: 0237-9632-5513

Zero Delay Zone Wars is all about getting you into the game while letting you do it over and over as quickly as possible. You choose a loadout and a team, and then you’re in. No nonsense or filler, just the game. This map is great if you don’t have much time but still want a fast-paced match.

Sausage Zone Wars:

Code: 8325-5510-3277

Most Fortnite Zone War maps have been small in the past. But Sausage Zone Wars gives you a whole island that you may turn into a playground and use to practice endgames.

With a whole Season 1 theme island, players will encounter bodies of water, forests, and sands—a little bit of everything they would find in a normal game of Fortnite. Another Zone War map in Fortnite that is good for grinding yet remains “fun.”

Other Fortnite Zone Wars Code:

No. Fortnite Zone Wars Map Code
1 Zone War In Lucky Landing 2022 3693-9424-7306
2 Valley Zonewars 6267-9845-8827
3 El City Happy New Year 2022 2036-2085-1813
4 Purgatory Zone Wars 7341-2894-1703
5 Rugged Rocks Zone Wars 7928-3621-5259
6 Mini Battle Royale Simulator 5430-0311-1167
7 Uphill Zone Wars 4010-9579-3761
8 8v8 Red Vs Blue Go Goated 1652-6940-3196
9 Fox Clan Zone Wars 6130-6579-9491
10 Zone Wars 75th Hunger Games 5880-5365-5857
11 Titled Zone Wars 3729-0643-9775
12 Desert Zone Wars 9700-3224-6429
13 Enigma’s Zone Wars 7807-3739-7969
14 Fishsticks Zone Wars 9745-8769-2935
15 Tropical island Zone Wars 2997-1480-4390
16 Deserted Zone Wars 3530-7579-6195
17 Realistic 1 v 1 map 2724-8149-2825
18 Zone Wars “Aztec Warrior” 5929-7737-3528
19 Desert Zone Wars 2 0106-5879-8849
20 Greasy Grove Lategame Zone Wars 1206-2711-8782
21 Enigma’s Downhill Rivers 8662-3682-3295
22 Small Town Squad Scrims 8872-2262-5923
23 Zone Wars Purgatory 7341-2894-1703
24 Rugged Rocks—Fast Zonewars 7928-3621-5259
25 Town Zone Wars 9299-7973-8393
26 Enigma’s Downhill Rivers 8662-3682-3295


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