Tears Of The Kingdom What To Do With Ring Garlands

Tears Of The Kingdom What To Do With Ring Garlands:

Tears of the King Players may have seen the ring garlands hanging in towns or barns. These are called “ring garlands,” and players can buy one if they do not have one of their own. They should start the major quest, Crisis within Hyrule Castle, as their first step.

The huge open world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was full of secrets and things to do. There are lots of ways to spend your time in Hyrule. But the game frequently fails to demonstrate you what to do, so you have to try out a lot of things to learn them.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, ring chains don’t look like special items, but they do have a use. You can get one without much trouble, but you will have to pay a few dollars.

Other things, like climbing gear, are easy to see how to use, but ring chains can lead to conversations you wouldn’t get otherwise.

You have to explore before you can talk to that person, but you may get there without moving the main story forward much. If you can get the right things to happen at the right time, you will have a nice story that gives you hope for the people.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a special item called the Ring Garland. It’s sold by a certain figure at a certain place, and it’s a huge thing you can carry with you as you explore Hyrule. But it doesn’t really do anything.

What’s A Ring Garland?

Koko, who resides in Kakariko Village coordinates: 1822, -1002, 0112, makes ring garlands. They were made to look like the huge, ring-shaped ruins that fell into Kakariko Village after the Upheaval.

Most shops and homes are covered with ring garland, and some locals are even wearing flower hats. Link is unable to put on a flower cap, but for 5 rupees, he is able to purchase a ring chain from Koko.

Players will know right away that Ring Garland won’t go into their Materials Inventory, but they can still pick it up and fuse it. Players will want to connect the garland to a shield because Link would have a hard time moving it around.

Since Ring Garland only gives 1 point of durability, it’s probably best to join it to a shield with low durability. You can equip a shield from the gear screen or by pressing left on the control pad and sliding with the R-stick.

Don’t forget that the shields cannot already be joined or this won’t work. Hold down the L button and use the R-stick to choose the blue fuse icon. Highlight the Ring Garland, then press the ZL button to connect it to Link’s armor.

Even though the ring wreath is pretty, it’s not very strong. Those who bought it for 5 rupees are able to show it off to certain NPCs all over Hyrule. In a funny twist, the Ring Garland is required for a side event in Gerudo Town, which is a long way away.

Ring Garland How To Get It:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you can get the Ring Garland by going to Kakariko Village and buying it from Koko for 5 rupees.

This village locates at the southeast corner of the map, within the western part of Necluda. After buying the Ring Garland within TotK, it’s not clear what to do with it at first, but gamers have already figured it out.

The Ring Garland And How It Works:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Ring Garland is something you can buy in Kakariko Village. Koko, a villager, is selling it, and she’s ready to sell you a single for five rupees. It’s a cheap thing you can grab as you run around the game.

When you get the ring wreath, it won’t go into your store. Link has to use both hands to hold the huge flower in Tears of the Kingdom. He has to run around holding it until he decides to drop it.

Even though you can’t put it in your collection and it won’t be added to your key things, you can use your skills on it.  You may fasten the Ring Garland to your weapons as well as shields, or you can add it to any creating projects you’re making with the Ultra-hand.

It looks great and is perfect for making a cart for your horse to pull around Hyrule. We don’t know what the ring wreath is for besides these two things. It’s something that Koko sells within Kakariko Village, but she only makes one of them every day.

Once You Buy That Thing You Have To Wait For The Next Day:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, once you buy that thing for the day, you won’t be able to buy it again until the next day. We’ll let you know if a goal, a character, or anything else in this game has a real purpose.

For now, it seems such as the Ring Garland was just a fun way to show off the strange Ring Ruins that have appeared in the town and how important they are to the story of Tears of the Kingdom.


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