Tears Of The Kingdom Temple Order Guide

Tears Of The Kingdom Temple Order Guide:

The fact that you are able to go anywhere and do anything you want is one of the most enjoyable things regarding The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. After you finish the first quest on Great Sky Island and get back to Hyrule, you can go in any direction.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gives users greater autonomy than almost any other game in recent memory. Even Elden Ring doesn’t let players move and explore everything to this extent. It’s great for a sense of freedom and discovery, but it can be hard to get to the main story quickly.

Still, there are a few tasks you ought to try first in TotK before you get too daring. As a component of the Regional Phenomena questline, you’ll get four new map points when you finish the first few tasks. These points will lead you to each of Hyrule’s shrines.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, dungeon-style temples are back, and you’ll spend most of your time looking for and beating four of them: wind, water, lightning, as well as fire.

You can do them in any possible order, but the game slowly guides you towards the best way to do things. In this guide, we’ll talk about the best way to face the Sage Temples within Tears of the Kingdom.

The Best Order Of The Temple:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the first four churches you can visit are in the four areas that aren’t in the middle. We think you should visit them according to this order.

Temple Nam Location
The Wind Temple Hebra to the northwest, home of the Rito
The Water Temple Lanayru to the east and southeast, near the home of the Zora
The Lightning Temple Gerudo in the southwest, near the home of the Gerudo
The Fire Temple Eldin to the northeast, near Death Mountain, home of the Gorons

Temple Of The Wind:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, players should take on the Wind Temple first. You should go to the Winds Temple first for a number of reasons.

After the Great Sky Island snow part, you should already have things to wear and use in cold weather. Rito Village is a place where you can buy more cold-weather gear.

The Wind Temple isn’t too big and is easy to understand. The final opponent of the Wind Temple was simple and doesn’t check your damage. You can beat it if you destroy its six weak spots.

The skill acquired from Tulin makes it much easier to look around and move around. In the Wind Temple, the enemies are also not as strong, and the tasks and additional challenges are easier than in any other temple.

When you finish it, Tulin’s spirit will not only help you move around better, but it will also have his bow, which does more damage and can kill skeleton monsters with a single hit.

The Temple Of Water:

When players finish playing with the wind within Tears of the Kingdom, they should go to the Water Temple. The Water Temple was a bit harder than the Wind Temple.

It has more general dangers as well as tougher enemies, as well as the leader needs you to deal with real physics and damage him normally instead of just hitting his weak spots. Additionally.

Even though it’s faster to get to the Water Temple, it requires more of you generally. In The Water Temple, you need to know more about how the game’s systems work together, especially between elements.

Within the Water Temple, there is a lot more moving around, which takes more energy and resources to do well. There are two stages of the boss that require different approaches.

The power Sidon gives you helps you stay alive, and for a friend, he does pretty good damage.

The Temple Of Lightning:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the next place to go is the Temple of Light. In the Gerudo region, the Lightning Temple keeps getting harder, both in terms of its tasks and its enemies, and in terms of what one must do to beat its boss. Additionally.

Protection from the heat is harder to find than protection from the cold, and even with it, the Gerudo Desert was hard to get through. The quest that leads to the building itself is more important than the ones that came before it.

The monsters in the Lightning Temple will kill anyone with a minimum of six hearts in one hit. The problems in the Temple require you and Riju to work together and use her skills more.

Riju’s power is much more focused on fighting, so it isn’t as useful in the game as a whole. You’ll fight the ultimate opponent of the Lightning Temple more than once, and each time will be harder than the last.

The Temple Of Fire:

The Fire Temple within Tears of the Kingdom should be the last Temple run in the main story. I think the Fire Temple should be your last stop for a few different reasons.

To start, it’s hot. He will actually catch fire on Death Mountain, just like Link. Fireproof food and gear are by far the most difficult to find within Tears of the Kingdom, as well as you’ll also need a lot of other food to heal any other damage you may take.

The longest quest is the one that leads to the Fire Temple. You have to fight several bosses before you can even get inside. The Fire Temple is big, complicated, and has many levels.

To get through it, you’ll need a good sense of space and game knowledge. In the Temple, the enemies are as tough as they come, as well as the heat makes it hard to wear protection or carry weapons.

The final opponent of the Fire Temple may not be the most complicated boss in terms of how it works, but it constitutes one of the most hazardous bosses you’ve faced so far. Yunobu’s ability is pretty limited, but if utilized well and at the right time, it can be very powerful.


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