Surface Pro 4 gets battery life boosting firmware update

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro 4 two-in-one just days after it announced the new Surface Pro – a refreshed version of its Surface Pro 4 as some call it.

According to Microsoft the new firmware update addresses battery life concerns of many users specifically when the two-in-one enters the Sleep mode. There have been many reports that the Surface Pro 4 was draining some battery even in Sleep mode and that’s what Microsoft has addressed with the latest update. The update might not have a dramatic effect that will add hours to the battery life, but it will add some juice to the existing run time of the most popular Microsoft two-in-one.

Beyond the battery boost, the new firmware update also brings with it improvements to touch controls, brightness settings, and hibernation improvements among other things. The firmware update does not bring with it any security, connectivity, or compatibility improvements.

There are quite a few people including analysts and experts who are trying to reason why Microsoft didn’t release the latest Surface Pro as Surface Pro 5. One of the primary reasons has already been revealed by Microsoft’s Panos Panay, Corporate Vice-President of Devices at Microsoft, who had earlier said that they intend to bring a huge improvement and innovation for Surface Pro 5. At the time he had said there is no such thing as a Pro 5 at the time and rightly so because beyond the processor and battery life improvement there isn’t much to offer in the new Surface Pro. Naming it Surface Pro 5 would haven’t worked well for Microsoft as analysts and critics would have taken huge punches at the Surface Pro 4 maker for not offering anything worthwhile or innovative in Surface Pro 5.

The new Surface Pro is lighter than its predecessor, features new processors, enhanced battery life, USB 3.0 port, mini DisplayPort output, a headphone jack, and the company’s proprietary Surface Connect port. Microsoft didn’t go for USB-C and that’s most probably because it would want to use it for Surface Pro 5.

If we look at the change log of the new Surface Pro 4 firmware update, below are the things that we can extract in terms of improvements and fixes:

  • Intel Precise Touch Device ( disables touch when cover is closed, and improves stability.
  • Surface integration ( adjusts Hibernation defaults.
  • Surface Touch Servicing ML (1.0.724.0) optimizes touch functionality.
  • Surface System Aggregator (103.1610.256.0) resolves screen brightness issue when devices comes out of sleep.
  • Surface UEFI (106.1624.768.0) refines brightness settings.
  • Surface Touch ( optimizes touch functionality.


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