Street Fighter V: Champion Edition on PS4 can be tried for free

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Try out all 40 fighters on their squad for a limited time in anticipation of Season 5, which will add five new characters.

Street Fighter V in its Champion Edition version can be tried for free on PS4, compatible with PS5, until February 24 .

This content includes the 40 characters from seasons 1-4, that is, all those currently available except those announced for the fifth season, not yet released -Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and another character that will be revealed soon.

Street Fighter V – Champion Edition Trial

The fifth and final season will increase the squad, add three new scenarios, more appearances, new playable mechanics, and the usual balances between characters.

“We know that our Street Fighter V players are wondering what’s next. Given the positive reception of Season 4 and the Champion Edition, we are preparing a final ‘V’ season that will add more ‘V’ fighters to the roster,” he said. Capcom on plans for this year.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition collects all of the content released for the original Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with the sole exception of outfits earned from Weekly Challenges, Collaborative Outfits, and Capcom Pro content. Tour.

More than 5.2 million copies were sold:

Capcom recently confirmed that Street Fighter V had 5.2 million copies sold, making it the eighth-most successful game in company history.

“Street Fighter V: Champion Edition the game fans deserved. Not as revolutionary or influential as its predecessors – perhaps also because the competition is so high and Arc System Works has made great strides – but worthy.

Now, it’s not about a miracle: changing the general feeling has taken four years, and there are still some fringes to polish. Too late? Not at first, the community remains faithful, it is easy to find games online, and its successor is not yet on the immediate horizon.

Any fan of 2D fighting which hasn’t played yetStreet Fighter V should be done with it, it will hardly disappoint you, and this time, its price is a bargain for what it offers “, we have in the Champion Edition analysis.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is a new action and fighting video game from Capcom that seeks to offer all the content in one package.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all content released for Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition except costumes earned from Weekly Challenges, Collaborative Costumes, and Capcom Pro Tour content.

40 characters, 34 scenarios, and more than 200 appearances have accumulated since its launch with the different seasons.


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