Stelle Or Caelus? Who Should You Choose In Honkai Star Rail

Stelle Or Caelus? Who Should You Choose In Honkai Star Rail:

When you begin Honkai Star Rail, you won’t be able to choose your character right away. Instead, figures called Kafka and Silver Wolf will tell you about the world’s history.

At the end of this opening part, you’ll finally be able to choose among two in-game avatars: Stelle, the female, or Caelus, the male. Which option should you pick? Let’s talk.

Honkai: In most time zones, Star Rail opened for business on April 25. It only takes approximately one hour of playing the game before the player can make a choice.

You pick the main character you’ll play as for the whole game. You can choose between Caelus and Stelle. They don’t start with anything, so players aren’t sure which one to pick. We can give you a hand.

At the heart of the game, you choose your image. Since you’ll have to live with this choice for the whole game, it might be harder to make.

So it’s not surprising that players in Honkai: Star Rail aren’t sure whether to choose Caelus or Stelle, since the choice has such a big impact on the game.

Should You Pick Caelus Or Stelle:

In Honkai Star Rail, it doesn’t matter whether you choose Stelle or Caelus because neither choice changes the story, tasks, or development. In the final analysis, it all depends on whether you’d like to play a man or a woman.

You Can Not Switch The Main Character:

But you can’t change or switch the main character, so you have to choose wisely. You can’t switch to a different character after choosing one if you reroll or create a new account.

Both Character Have Same Stats Path Types Fighting Skills As Well As Powers

Caelus and Stelle have the same starting stats, path types, fighting, skills, and powers. So picking one character by picking another won’t make much of a difference in this case.

There is Only Single Difference Between Both Character:

Only their roles as men and women are different. Once you choose a character and keep going with them, you can give them a code name. This codename is like a nickname for your Primary character.

So, here are the base stats for Stelle or Caelus in Honkai Star Rail, including their path type, battle jobs, and everything else.

  1. Path Type: Destruction
  2. Combat Role: Physical

All Base Stats:

  1. HP: 163 Health
  2. Attack: 84 ATK
  3. Defence: 62 DEF
  4. Speed: 100 SPD
  5. Crit Rate: 5.0%
  6. Crit Damage: 50%

All Skills:

  1. Basic ATK: Farwell Hit (Single Target)
  2. Talent: Perfect Pickoff (Enhance)
  3. Technique: Immortal Third Strike (Restore)
  4. Skill: RIP Home Run (Blast)
  5. Ultimate: Stardust Ace (Enhance)

That covers everything you need to know about choosing Stelle or Caelus in the HSR. If you enjoyed this guide, see other Honkai Star Rail guides on Gamer Tweak to learn more about the Old Foreman’s Treasure quest’s thief, how to quickly unlock and farm relics, and other topics.


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