Sons Of The Forest How To Change The Type Of Ammo

Sons Of The Forest How To Change The Type Of Ammo:

In the crazy world of Sons of the Forest, only one thing standing between you and a horrible death at the hands of mutants & monsters is your trusty ammunition. Depending on how much you value your life, ammo is worth its weight in gold or even platinum.

Of course, you also need to be able to move very quickly. Let’s face it: when you’re facing a mutant with a gaping mouth, you’ll need the best weapon &┬áthe strongest ammo quickly.

To become a machine for killing mutants, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and be able to switch between types of ammunition with a simple button smash.

It’s important to know how to change the Ammo Type in Sons of the Forest, and we’ll show you how. In this survival horror game, you’ll crash on an island full of mutants. These will try to hurt you and eat you.

So, you’ll need to find resources to stay alive and weapons to strike back. The shotgun ranks among the greatest weapons in this game. This very strong weapon can kill the mutant. There are also two different kinds of shotgun shells or ammunition in this game.

How To Change Types Of Ammo Quickly:

Look at the ground and press the reload (R) button when the prompt says to. Maybe not that much. Who knew that changing the type of ammunition would make you look down like you dropped your keys? You won’t be able to change weapons from the inventory screen; you’ll have to use the reload button.

If you master this skill, you’ll be able to use the shotgun as well as the bow, which both have different types of ammunition. You can swap between buckshot & slug with the shotgun.

At the exact same time, you can choose different arrows for the bow, such as ones made of carbon fibre, stone, or 3D printing. And where are you able to obtain these types of ammunition? Look no further than the GPS marks on suitcases, boxes, caves, and other places all over the map.

So keep your eyes open and your reflexes quick, and you’ll be raining arrows & shells down on those mutants in no time.

Types Of Weapons That Use Ammunition:

There are two kinds of weapons that can change the type of ammunition they use. One of them is a shotgun that could swap between buckshot & slug. Bows are the other type of weapon that could change the type of ammunition it uses.

You could indeed switch between the different kinds of arrows you find & make in Sons of the Forest by using bows. There are three kinds of arrows, those made of carbon fibre, those made of stone, and those that are 3D printed.

Where To Get Bullets:

If you want to know where to find different types of ammunition in Sons of the Forest, you could really find them in suitcases and other containers you see all over the map. You could also find ammunition in caves as well as other places that your GPS shows.


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