Sons Of The Forest, How To Build A Skull Lamp

Sons of the Forest, How to Build a Skull Lamp:

In Sons of the Forest, you have the freedom to build your base however you want. If you’re going to build a big one for you and your friends, you may wish to add some decorations.

For this, you’ll need to make some Skull Lamps, that you’re able to put all over your base to appear badass. In Sons of the Forest, this guide will demonstrate the steps for creating a Skull Lamp.

To Make A Skull Lamp:

Sons of the Forest doesn’t tell you what to do, but it does give you a Crafting Book with recipes. You can build walls, gates, Fish Traps, and much more with this.

Book Has Recipe For Skull Lamp But It’s Hard One:

The book also has the recipe for a Skull Lamp, but it can be hard for players to understand. In the book, it seems like you need a skull, a stick, and a piece of cloth in your inventory to create it, but that’s not true.

You’ve probably already used Basic Fire or Reinforced Fire at least once in the game. You’ll need a few more things to make the Sons of the Forest Skull Lamp.

  1. 2x Stick: Stick are all over the ground, but you are able to utilize your Axe equip it from your inventory. With the Axe equipped, start cutting down small trees or bushes & pick up any Sticks that have fallen to the ground.
  2. Skull: The quickest way to find a Skull is to look inside caves & see if there are any bones lying around.

In Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to put these items together in the right order to make a Skull Lamp.

Procedure Of Build Skull Lamp:

In Sons of the Forest, you need to put a stick in the ground before you can make a Skull Lamp. To do this, you need to equip the stick, look directly at the ground, press right-click to have a tiny white dotted circle appear, and afterwards press left-click to place the stick.

Then, open your inventory, put a piece of cloth on your character, & put it on the stick. The final step is to open your inventory again and put on the Skull. By hovering over the stick, you can put it on top of it. The Skull Lamp would then catch fire on its own, so you don’t need a lighter.

If You Want To Relocate The Skull Lamp:

You need to hit the Skull Lamp with a melee weapon if you want to relocate it. This would destroy the lamp, as well as the skull will be on the ground for you to pick up. You could only grab the skull & stick, though, because the cloth will be destroyed.

Lists Of Blueprints, Crafting Recipes And Where To Find Them:

Basic Fire Lighter Stick (Broken)
Standing Fire Stick (placed) Tarp Lighter Wedge the stick into the ground, attach cloth, add sticks to the top, light.
Reinforced Fire Stick Rock Lighter Arrange sticks, add rocks around, light.
Skull Lamp Stick Tarp Skull Wedge the stick into the ground, attach cloth and skull.
Spike Stick Axe Skull (optional) Wedge the stick into the ground and either add a skull or use the axe to sharpen the top.
Reinforced spike Stick Axe Skull (optional) Wedge the stick into the ground and either add a skull or use the axe to sharpen the top. Add stones around.
Floor Logs Axe Place logs, split more logs with axe and fill in the space with the split logs.
Fence Stick Stick Stick Arrange wedged sticks intot he ground. Add horizonal sticks.
Wall Logs Axe Make a floor and add logs to build up.
Door Logs Axe Make a wall at least 7 logs high. Cut out the door shape with the axe.
Window Logs Axe Make a wall at least 7 logs high. Cut out the window shape with the axe.
Single Step Logs Axe Add a split log to the edge of a floor.
Basic Beams Logs Logs Logs Balance logs against a standing log. Used for supporting structures.
Roof Logs Logs Logs Add chopped logs to the top of a beam-supported wall like you’re building a floor on it.
Struts Logs Axe Split logs in half and add to the corners of beams and supports.
Stairs Logs Axe Split logs and add to either side of a wall. Add more split logs horizontally between them.
Ramp Logs Logs Logs Follow the stairs method but add more horizontal logs angled to stay smooth.
Defensive Wall Logs Axe Pack vertical logs together, use the axe to sharpen the tops, and add another log horizontally on the back for support.
Rope       Is found. Can be attached to log structures for additional effects.
Rope Bridge Logs Rope Axe Attach between the tops of two walls. Add split logs between the ropes.
Firewood Stick Axe Split logs and stack.


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