Silken Thread May Be Obtained In Wild Hearts In The Following Ways

Silken Thread May Be Obtained In Wild Hearts In The Following Ways:

Silken Thread is a rare crafting resource that is utilized to put together the greatest amour sets in Wild Hearts. Each of the four diverse locales in the game contains hazardous Kemono, hidden records, and a plethora of supplies.

High-rank amour is essential for surviving Mighty Kemono & progressing through the end-game hunts. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining Silken Thread in Wild Hearts.

Although having the greatest armor in the game is something we all desire the moment we construct our character, the journey to get there is sometimes as as thrilling as the destination.

Having said that, our early gear will profit from the use of early materials as well. Today, we shall discuss one of those items. And don’t worry, you won’t have to hunt for it. Here’s where you can find Silken Thread in Wild Hearts.

Silken Thread May Be Found In The Following Places:

Silken Thread, like Mirror Stone & Pointed Scale, is located in the Fall-inspired area of Akikure Canyon in the west. This area is as dangerous as it is gorgeous, and it contains some of the game’s rare minerals and ore.

Harvest Canyon and Akikure Canyon both have Silken Thread. These areas are the same, although their names vary depending on whatever chapter of the tale you’re in. Once you have entry to this area, go there to start your search for Silken Thread.

When visiting Akikure Canyon, be sure to acquire a good quantity of Silken Thread. As previously said, you won’t have any issue gathering it, and you’ll be able to improve several of your early weapons and amour. Have fun accumulating them!

Silken Thread, unlike other rare minerals and ore in this area, is only utilised for making and creating high-level amour sets obtained by hunting Mighty Kemono. These adversaries appear in Chapter 3 and are more demanding and violent than the normal Kemono from which they come.

Be sure to go quickly to this location in order to farm these resources as soon as feasible. Silken Thread may be sold for a great price on the market, but i recommend saving it to construct Armour instead.


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