Should The Blacktail Handgun Be Used In The Remake Of Resident Evil 4?

Should The Blacktail Handgun Be Used In The Remake Of Resident Evil 4?

In the remake of Resident Evil 4, there are many weapons that can be used, and many of them are handguns.

The Black-tail is one of the last sidearms you’ll find at the merchant. It’s a powerful, slow-firing beast that, once fully upgraded, could indeed kill even the toughest opponents within only a few shots. But should Black-tail be used in the new Resident Evil 4?

The new version of Resident Evil 4 has a lot of weapons, such as handguns, shotguns, rifles, and much more. Handguns are good for fighting regular enemies and when you need to clear out an area quickly.

Black-tail is one of these powerful weapons that can do a lot of damage but still only takes up 4 inventory slots. In the new version of Resident Evil 4, Black-tail is easy to get from the vendor at the beginning of Chapter 7.

You Ought To Employ The Black-tail Because:

If you compare each shot, the Black-tail represents the most strong handgun inside the Resident Evil 4 remake. No other sidearm has as much stopping power per bullet as this one.

Even though it doesn’t do as much damage as any of the Magnums, shotguns, or fully upgraded assault rifles when it’s at the top of its upgrade tree, no other handgun can do as much damage.

But the Black-tail is missing 2 features that make the Punisher our choice for best handgun overall. The first is the size of the magazine. Even when the Black-tail is fully upgraded, it can only hold 14 bullets prior to having to reload.

It can’t even shoot thru the targets such as the Punisher can, as well as upgrading it can cost up to 50,000 pesetas.

Because of these two things, you could be nicer off using the Punisher or even the SG-09R if you’re going for S+ runs, even on Standard difficulty, because they are more forgiving.

But if you’re a great shooter who likes to put a lot of money into your favorite weapon, there aren’t many better options in the whole Resident Evil 4 remake.

Power 2.4
Ammo Capacity 13
Reload Speed 1.6
Rate of Fire 2.2
Precision 4.20


Getting Black-tail:

When users knock Bitores Mendez in the last battle of Chapter 6, you could indeed purchase Black-tail from merchant. As soon as you leave the abattoir, you’ll move on to Chapter 7, that has you going to the castle.

After the video conference with Luis is over, you have to keep going straight ahead because there are no side roads. The merchant would be easy to spot because of the violet flame on his torch.

You could indeed talk to him for additional ammunition before you go farther into the castle. The merchant gives you the chance to buy, sell, trade, as well as fix up your car.

In the section called “Buy,” scroll down to locate the Black-tail handgun. In the remake of Resident Evil 4, you would have saved up 24,000 pesetas by now, which is how much it costs.


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