August is coming once again, and just like every year Samsung is expected to release its latest flagship Note series smartphone this year as well. Reports suggest that Galaxy Note 8 will be released in August, but it seems that unlike last year this time Samsung doesn’t want to repeat the mistake of launching the device in a hurry. The device will be launched sometime during late August, just a few days before the launch of iPhone 8, according to Korean news site The Korea Herald.

Sammy traditionally launches its Galaxy Note devices late in August, which falls inline with IFA show of Berlin. However, last year it decided to ditch the tradition for launching Galaxy Note 7. The device was released earlier in August, much before Apple’s September iPhone release to capture a large market share. And things were also going fine, but hell broke lose when one after another Galaxy Note 7 started blowing up. This resulted in two separate recalls, and a serious dent in the brand image of South Korea headquartered company.

Now, Samsung has taken considerable steps after that fiasco to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. It vowed to improve the quality of batteries in its upcoming smartphones and put in place an eight-point battery check procedure. Galaxy S8 was first smartphone whose batteries went through the new procedure, and fortunately, there haven’t been any cases of mishaps so far.

But Samsung will have to go through one more testimony to win back the trust of its customers, investors, business partners and other stakeholders. Galaxy S8 is fine, but until upcoming Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t pass the same test, the clouds of suspicion will remain. And therefore no surprise that Sammy doesn’t want to take any chances this time.

Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come with a 6.3-inch bezel-less infinity display and dual camera setup on its back (a 12mp wide-angle shooter coupled with a 13mp telephoto one). Nothing concrete is known about the hardware specs yet, and we’ll let you know as more details are revealed.

Let’s just hope that Samsung can bury the hatchet with this launch once and for all. After all, it’s the only major company in Android world which has been able to give some serious competition to Apple, and Galaxy Note 8 is one of its two primary product lines. Long live the competition!


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