Salient CRGT takes a position as sub-contractor to deliver IT services US Air Force Cyber Command

Salient CRGT a prominent company in the US IT sector is rewarded the sub-contract of US Air Force Cyber Command which was contracted to The Centech Group beforehand.

The objective of the subcontract is Weapon System maintenance, operations and support services of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and few other cryptographies and cybersecurity services.

US Air Force

US Air Force has a large operating body with over 300,000 duty personnel, 5360 military aircraft, 4000 ICBMs, 39 cyber mission teams and a huge number of 170 military satellites to assist all of them.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center ( AFLCMC ) is one of the six reporting US Air Force Material Command which is responsible for the acquisition, operation, maintenance of all aircraft, munitions, engine, and electronic cyber systems throughout its lifecycle for all USAF and its partners across the globe.

Air Force Net Operations Small Business Set-Aside contract is part of the US Air Force that outsources contractor for certain operations. Under the NETCENTS – 2 the initial contract was rewarded to The Centech Group which later branched a subcontract to outsource someone who specializes on Cybersecurity, Cryptography apart from operation and maintenance of Weapon System.

About Salient CRGT

Salient CRGT is Software development and service company that mainly works on health, data analytics, mobility, cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions. The IT support Firms full life-cycle IT services and support to reach the customer’s goals.

They specialize IT transformation not just for Fortune 1000 companies but also civilian, health, defense, homeland, and intelligence agencies as well. The company is good at scientific talent delivery model, delivering the most appropriate resource person for the high priority requirements. Salient CRGT is known for taking up high volume projects and succeeding through each of them.

Project objectives, place of operation and value

US Air Force had previously announced a contract under the Network-Centric Solutions – 2 (NETCENTS-2), Air Force Net Operations Small Business Set-Aside contract which was rewarded to the Centech Group which is management services company.

For the IT services ranging from operational software, maintenance, support and other encryption services the subcontract was allotted which Salient CRGT ended up holding.

The objective of the subcontract taken by the Salient CRGT is to transform IT services of the system of a complex system supporting the Air Force headquarters of Cyber Security operations. Key objectives are,

  • Weapon System Operations & maintenance
  • Legacy Infrastructure, network, system management
  • Operations support for the Cyber Command & Control Mission System (C3MS)

Tom Ferrando, CEO of Salient CRGT said: “We are excited to team with the CENTECH® Group providing critical cyber mission support to the USAF”. “Operating, sustaining, and modernizing the system that provides the situational awareness, direction, and control of cyber forces to effectively integrate cyber operations with combat operations in other domains.”

The subcontract is worth 6.4 million. The work is planned to be carried over at Joint Base San Antonio supporting the Command and Control mission for Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER) for security reasons.


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