Rocket League: Holding the Super Bowl

Rocket League

Rocket League: Holding the Super Bowl.

The successful license of Psyonix is ​​adorned with a new temporary event to celebrate the holding of the Super Bowl, which will take place on February 7.

To break the “wheel” and complete its already well-supplied game modes, Rocket League will be offering a temporary event, the NFL Super Bowl LV, from February 2 to 8, 2021.

For this occasion, the Champion Field will honor the discipline by displaying the markings and the logo of the NFL, but that’s not all !!!

This event will bring its new game mode, the Gridiron; here are the rules and new features:

The game is played at 4 vs. 4 (whereas it is limited to 3 in normal times). An American football replaces the soccer ball. As soon as you touch the ball, it hangs on your roof.

The player who touches the ball becomes the owner; he can pass by dodging (like Peyton Manning) or get stung by the opponent. You can only do a single jump; if you do a double jump, you lose it.

The goal is worth 3 points when the ball has passed or is free. An own goal is worth 3 points, whether the ball is hooked or not.

The goal is worth 7 points when the ball is hooked to a player when he crosses the opponent’s goal line. You lose the ball if you cross the line marked on the walls of the arena.

If you lack skill, you can always have fun at Demolish your opponents with supersonic speed. Three challenges are also added to unlock the title of Gridiron Guru, NFL Wheels, and 20,000 XP!

And as good news never comes on its own, for those who missed out on the NFL Fan Pack in December, know that it will be available again in the Item Shop during the Super Bowl LV celebration from February 2-8.

Take this short moment to share your best exploits by mentioning @RocketLeague on Twitter using the hashtag #RLGridiron. Stay tuned for the next update.


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