Roblox Dragon Ball XL Codes For April 2023

Roblox Dragon Ball XL Codes For April 2023:

In the Roblox game Dragon Ball XL, you could indeed play as Goku to become the strongest and become Super Sayan. In the story mode, you can follow the story of how Goku becomes the most powerful Sayan.

As you get stronger, you could indeed take on harder challenges until you’ve defeated all of your enemies.

Dragon Ball XL, it’s time to show off your next form in Roblox. Start this game as Goku and work your way up to becoming the greatest Saiyan the world has ever seen.

Fight your way thru the story mode as well as take on challenges which will test your ever growing power. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to use more powerful forms and laugh at your enemies.

In the Roblox game Dragon Ball XL, users can change into a super Saiyan like Goku to become the strongest fighter. You can follow Goku’s journey to becoming the most potent Saiyan in the story mode of the game.

By entering Roblox Dragon Ball XL codes, you can get boosts that temporarily improve your stats and give you an extra edge in battle.

The experience Dragon Ball XL was made by skyflare30 for the Roblox metaverse platform. Explore the Dragonball world and try to become the strongest player on the server.

In Dragon Ball XL, you can make your character look the way you want, and then you can fight NPCs to get XP and learn new moves. When you think you’re strong enough, go into epic PvP battles with other players.

You can use codes to help you speed up your progress throughout Dragon Ball XL. These codes will give you boosts that temporarily increase your stats. Use these boosts to take on harder challenges and bosses, which other players might have trouble with.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
47MVISITS Boost Active (Latest)
26KLIKES Boost Active
25KLIKES Boost Active
XMASXL 24 hours of 5x Boost Active
38MVISITS Boost Active
22KLIKES Boost Active
SORRY 100 minute Boost Active

How To Redeem A Code In Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free rewards in-game when you enter a code. With these free bonuses, you could indeed make your character powerful and make it easier to beat your enemies.

  1. Start Dragon Ball XL by opening Roblox.
  2. Press the Codes button, which is at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. In the red “Code Here” text box, copy and paste or type the code that works.
  4. Push the white “Use!” button to verify and then use your free code to receive your reward.

Why Don’t My Codes Work?

A code may well not work for more than one reason. For example, the code you tried to enter might no longer work. Active codes fluctuate as time passes, so check back to determine whether or not the code has been moved to the “Expired” section.

Also, make sure you typed the codes precisely as they were written, with no extra spaces or characters. The simplest method is to copy & paste them right from the list. Lastly, most codes can only be used once, so the one you’re trying to use may have already been used.

How Do The Controls Work?

The controls for Roblox Dragon Ball XL can get complicated, and you can use these to move around in the game. The good you understand how using these controls, the best you would be at fighting and moving around in the game.

Key Effect
C Charge Ki
F Left attack
G Right attack
T Train Ki blade
B Transform to the next form
Shift Fly faster
Space Descend in flight
X Hide Aura
Z Instant Transmission
E Lock on to the enemy

How To Obtain A Reward For Free:

Dragon Ball XL rewards players who play it often with extra bonuses that don’t need codes. On their game page, they say that you’re given a one-hour 4x Boost for every 3 hours you play DBXL.

You can get this as many times as you want, so playing the game more is a great way to speed up the rate at which your stats go up.

What Is Dragon Ball XL On Roblox?

Dragon Ball XL is an experience on Roblox that lets you play as Goku from the anime series Dragon Ball. It’s an action role-playing game where you can meet other Dragon Ball characters as you level up and fight your way thru the story mode.

You can level up, utilize power-ups, Ki attacks, and you can even use Kamehameha in battle.


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