Red X Will Make His Comic Book Debut In Future State: Teen Titans

Teen Titans Go!! All the fans will be happy to know that Red X, the animated character is all set to make the mainstream comic book debut. 

Among all the new characters, there are so many old as well as new ones that you will like. They are featured in Dan Mora’s future state promo art that you must know is released today.

It is a face that is much more familiar to several fans as it was one of the most popular characters. Yes, we are talking about the Red X character that has not been in the mainstream DC comic book before now.

The Red X character, as you all know is a character straight from Cartoon Network’s early ‘00s-era. It is from one of the most favorite cartoon series that you all may have enjoyed watching, Teen Titans Go.

It is seen nestled in the background which happens to be the same as Mora’s art that is behind the new Wonder Woman who is Yara Flor. 

“When the original New Teen Titans formed a school to mentor and train young heroes, they wanted to help save the world,” reads the solicitation as it is a part of Dc’s Justice League family of Future State titles. 

The solicitation continues, “Years later, Titans Tower is a monument to a graveyard of pupils lost in a terrible battle,” 

It added, “Returning to the site of their greatest failure, Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg join Raven to plot a course to face off against the evil that destroyed their team and school.”

“Loyalties are questioned and motives are suspect as the former teen heroes must turn to the mysterious Red X – a former student – for help.

Don’t miss the appearance of the first comic of this Red X, previously seen only in the hit animated TV series Teen Titans Go!”, reads the solicitation. 


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