Red Dead Online: To get a double XP reward, take shelter

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online: To get a double XP reward, take shelter.

After giving us the login rewards for players who launch Red Dead Online between December 1 and February 15, Rockstar is back in touching us with weekly content in a more classic way.

This week in Red Dead Online, all trappers and merchants who get started will receive 25 free of charge. To go along with this bonus, all Merchant Sell Missions will earn 50% more RDO $.

Players who manage to complete two Sell Missions before February 8 will receive 40% off an Established or Distinguished item. Those who would like to acquire the butcher’s workbench, allowing them to engage in merchant activity, currently sell 5 gold bars.

As a bonus, moving the camp is temporarily free. In terms of game modes, it will turn to the extreme Tous aux Abris series, which will grant double XP.

As a reminder, in this mode, the fugitives must go to a shelter without being able to heal themselves, while the attackers will not be able to use the skill cards.

There are so many items that only accessible for a limited time and promotions of the week. It includes a Formal Codtail Coat, The Charro Jacket, The Benbow Jacket, The Concho Pants, Ortega Cardigan, Cahihoun Boots, Manteca’s Hat, The Cossack Hat, Forest Mittens.

It also includes 40% off on Cripps themes, dog, flags, outfits, medium or large hunting delivery cart, and 30% off on all rifles & all workhorses. Stay tuned for the next update.



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