PS4 Games Will Get Mysterious Update Ahead Of PS5 Launch

All the fans are currently feeling the excitement as well as happiness and the only reason behind it is the PlayStation 4 games that are getting a completely mysterious update just a few days before the launch of PlayStation 5.

Yes, Sony Interactive Entertainment has already begun to release patch notes for a wide variety of the biggest and one of the most surprising first-party PlayStation 4 exclusives.

You must know that it will also be including a few exclusive that has not touched it in quite some time. It is surely hinting that the release of the patches will be going to have something to do with the imminent and mysterious release of the updates on PlayStation 4 games.

One thing is sure that you will definitely know that the PlayStation 5 is going to release next month but prior to that, there will be some PlayStation 4 games update. 

It will suggest that the company will support PS5’s boosted mode. In other words, you must know that you need to take advantage of the superior hardware of the PlayStation 5.

We are sure that there is no doubt that games are going to update every now and then. But there is indeed no reason for Sony Interactive Entertainment to patch games like God of War III Remastered.

All the fans are excited and happy to know that they are going to get a mysterious update for the PlayStation 4 games. As of now, it is somewhat unclear to know how many games there are for which the players are going to enjoy the mysterious update.

That is why you may have to wait for some time to know for which games the players will be able to get the mysterious update for PS4 games. 


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