PS4 Fans Are Furious Due To Removed Features In The New PlayStation 4 Update

As you all know, Sony has recently updated the PlayStation Store and due to it, there is a huge number of fans who became furious after knowing that the company has removed some of the features in the latest update. 

Currently, most PS4 and PS5 fans are furious as Sony did manage to remove the features that fans used to love in the console. Sony will be rolling out the completely new version of the PlayStation Store on the web as well as mobile devices.

Also, the company is going to make a host of changes including the big change that has recently gone on the live stream.

If you want to know specifically then Sony is going to change the Game Library of PlayStation in the new and latest update that will show your purchased games, played games, PlayStation Now games, PlayStation Plus games, and many more. 

But you will definitely be a little disappointed to know that as of now, Sony does not include is your PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita games. That means that all the Sony users will have to put in some extra efforts to get all the features.

It will be possible to get it but you will have to boot up your PSP, PlayStation Vita, or PS3. That seems more like an inconvenience if we look at it from the point of view of users.

Also, the users will have to boot up their gaming consoles in order to purchase games for the device which is also one of the main issues. 

Well, you should know that Sony is releasing an All-Digital console very soon in the month of November. The new PS5 will have a starting price range of $500.


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