Now, you can start printing your favourite pictures and quotes directly using your smartphone. Technology is really getting innovative nowadays also you can see further minification in gadgets. You can use this palm sized printer to print photographs instantly without spending big bucks.

HP recently launched a mini portable and handy printer, specially build for your smartphone. The printer will fit in your palm, and you can print 2*3 inch color photographs instantly by using your smartphone.

You can connect Sprocket to your smartphone via Bluetooth and NFC. Using this you can start printing tear-proof, water-resistant, and smudge-proof photographs on Zink paper easily. Zink technology is a bit different from others, it uses heat to make colors visible on the paper.

You can store up to 10 sheets in the Sprocket, and the main part is, these sheets are not plain papers, they are stickers. You can print stickers anytime. You can stick those stickers on your desk or even on your refrigerator or maybe some funny pictures on your colleague’s desk.

Although you won’t get that high-quality photographs with Hp Sprocket. You can clearly see some yellow shade or tint instead of white or light areas on the picture. This thing is not to build for printing your portraits or landscape images. Instead, it is built for making some quick memento for the perfect time. You can’t get anything better in this price range. If you are a meme lover, then this thing will be¬†your best companion.

You can play a lot of pranks and save your memes and stick them in your room to keep yourself motivated. You just have to load the sprocket and start printing pictures or stickers when ever you want.

This printer is not like a new concept. There were many portable printers available in the market, but this one is a bit different from others. HP also launched an Android and iOS app for Sprocket users where you can print and share pics on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The main attractive part of this app is the Borders and emojis area. You can also put some Stickers, text, and filters to make the pic more enhancing. You can use Bluetooth for printing pictures.

Talking about the price, HP Sprocket is available at $199, and if you need that sticks, then you have to pay $15.90 for 20 stickies.


  1. it will be good to see the printer for smartphones because now we can say that it is an era of the selfie people are always busy for taking pictures and with this printer they can print their favorite selfie.


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