Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra Expansion Is Now Live

You must have surely heard of it by now that the second DLC expansion of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game is live now all over the world on Nintendo Switch.

The DLC live will only be available to those users who did purchase the Expansion pass or to those users who already own the DLC game + DLC bundle.

It is sure that the first DLC expansion of the players will be for visiting the new isle of the Armor area. While the second expansion will be once again about the expansion of the Galar region along with the Crown Tundra area.

Just like the first expansion, the second DLC expansion will make sure that the players will be able to see a number of older pokemon that will be back in the game. 

There will also be some of the Galarian forms that will be a totally new addition to the game for the pre-existing pokemon. That will include most likely the legendary pokemon birds such as Articuno, Zapdos, as well as Moltres.

It is sure that there will be a number of mysteries that most players will be wondering about in the new DLC expansion of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game. But there are some details that we do know currently about the Crown Tundra.

It will now be possible for all the players to catch the previous legendary pokemon in the region. The Pokemon Sword and Shield game will be able to bring back some of the most favorite pokemon such as Lugia, Giratina, and Groudon. 

However, the players who are hoping for the mythical pokemon such as Mew or Celebi will have to face somewhat disappointment as the game will not be including them.

The new expansion of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game will allow players to catch a Galarian version of Slowking along with the new legendary pokemon Calyrex. 


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