Pokemon Journeys Will Choose Goh For The Legendary Battle

It is quite a surprise for all the interested people to know that the Pokemon Journeys: The Series is going to put Goh to the test in the major legendary battle. Yes, Goh will be up against the legendary pokemon and will have to give the best shot to win this fierce battle.

Recently, Pokemon Journeys did successfully manage to make a jump to the all-new time slot along with bringing a legendary beast from the Red and Blue video games. 

There are so many people who are eagerly waiting to know the name of the legendary pokemon against whom Goh will have to battle and win.

As you all know that Ash and Goh are currently staying in the Kanto region, there are more chances of getting their cross paths with the legendary pokemon and older pokemon. But it will be the most amazing and exciting part when Goh will have to battler against the legendary pokemon, Zapdos. 

One thing is sure that Zapdos will be going to make a grand return in the anime franchise series. Also, you may have noticed that the legendary bird trio was teased in the updated opening theme of the anime series, Pokemon Journeys.

Ash Ketchum was successfully able to manage a battle against the legendary with his favorite partner, Pikachu. But you need to watch how Goh will almost even catch the legendary pokemon at the end of the exciting episode.

It is sure that battling against the legendary bird trio with Raboot and Flygon will be quite difficult. But Goh manages to land some serious decisive hits on Zapdos.

Most viewers are wondering if Goh will be able to win against Zapdos, the legendary pokemon, and catch it or he will get defeated.


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