Phil Spencer Confirms All 1st Party Next-Gen Games Will Come To PC

An interesting piece of news for all the gamers and fans who have been waiting for the 1st party games for a long period of time to play them on PC.

You must know that a new and latest interview of Phil Spencer who happens to be the Head of the Xbox brand will be bringing some good news for all.

It is sure that Phil did directly clarify that even though the next-gen will come, it will be possible for any and every PC gamer or player to play the 1st party next-gen games on PC.

That will indeed be including both Steam as well as Microsoft Store. One thing is sure that hearing what Phil Spencer is confirming, it will be possible for all the PC gamers to take a deep breath of relief.

In a recent interview with GameReactor, there happens to be a discussion on so many interesting topics. The interview was all about trying to cover the entire spectrum of Xbox in order to let all the fans and players know all the details about it.

It is sure that reading the entire interview will be beneficial for you to get a better idea of where the future of Microsoft’s gaming division stands. 

As you all know, it is more likely for every new gaming console to bring along tons of changes with it. You must know that Spencer did decide to put an end to all the questions that most people have related to Xbox.

He did explain clearly that his company does not need to release any games on other platforms than their own.

One of the most sidelined gaming groups will include PC which is why Phil confirms that all the 1st party games will be available for the gamers to play on PC. 


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