OnePlus introduced referral program just before launch of much awaited smartphone i.e OnePlus 5 & before this OnePlus already in news regarding shut down their previous smartphone i.e OnePlus 3T.

If you have ever bought any of OnePlus Smartphone previously then you are eligible for getting the Referral Link.

And once you have shared this link with other people they’ll automatically get $20 off on accessory they are going to buy. Besides, the company will release up to 100 referral points soon in your account too within 30 days which can be checked in the referral hub.

OnePlus referral program Announcement
OnePlus referral program Announcement

With the help of these referral points, You can avail discounts on anything even while buying a smartphone. It also provides discount coupons on new phones or other exclusive OnePlus gears. The referral link will always come with interesting discount or free items.

Before getting into the Referral program, a user first has to meet some of the requirements to use or share the Referral. Firstly, one should have any of the OnePlus Smartphone and then create a valid OnePlus Account ID. Now finally, the user can easily get access to the OnePlus Referral Program.

But one also has to make sure that the buyers must purchase the OnePlus phone from the official site,

If the buyers used the shared Referred link, then the link sharer will get a coupon and get some discount on accessories; when they are purchasing the new phone.

Important Note: Users will have restrictions using the referral link. Only one referral link is allowed per user.

OnePlus Smartphone users with device like- OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T; are eligible to get the referral link.

To check on the referral points, one needs to visit the Referral Hub from the official website.

With the help of Referral point one can grab some of cool accessories. With 80 Referral points they can get Free shipping for any product they purchase and with 200 referral point they would get $20.

OnePlus referral announcement before OnePlus 5 launch
OnePlus referral announcement before OnePlus 5 launch

Even after the link has been used for purchase of a Smartphone, the Referral Link will still remain active and allow other users to get the discounts. And in return, the link sharer will earn huge points which will give them chance to get any accessories for free using the Referral points. 

The company also strictly warned to avoid any violation for the terms and conditions. If any users do then his/her link will be terminated instantly.

This Referral link is limited for only few chosen countries. So if users are trying then they need to make sure they have the right country code. While the rest other country’s users can enjoy up to $20 credits and also other free grabs for the OnePlus accessories with the help of Referral points. So one can get referral links and start referring these to other people through emails using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc.


    • Without an official confirmation from Oneplus, we can’t be 100% sure but rumors that Oneplus 5 will release on 15th june.


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