According to the latest statement by the C.E.O. of OnePlus, The OnePlus 5 will be the thinnest flagship device by OnePlus. As we all know OnePlus is soon going to launch its killer flagship OnePlus 5, and definitely, it will be a great hit among other devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, etc.

This smartphone will be the best performing among it’s competitors because of the latest Snapdragon 835 processor. Also, we noticed that the new back camera in OnePlus 5 is specially designed with collaboration with DxO. You can also find the fingerprint scanner in the front hopefully, and there will be the 3.5mm audio jack too.

Now, We found some interesting thing on Weibo. We found a statement by Pete Lau the CEO and Co-founder of OnePlus saying that OnePlus five will be the thinnest flagship ever. As per the statement and Pictures, we found online we can maybe think about the world’s thinnest flagship. We don’t think so that this device will be the thinnest device in the world, but at least it will be something lesser than 7.35 mm which is OnePlus 3T. Not including the OnePlus X with 6.9 mm thin design because it isn’t a flagship.

Pete Lau also added that there wouldn’t be any compromise in the user experience or performance. We can expect the same quality in a thinner device.

OnePlus 5 Will be Thinnest smartphone
OnePlus 5 Will be Thinnest smartphone

We still have to wait for correct dimensions of OnePlus five as it’s something that can’t be compared with other devices as OnePlus always killed the market with some new features and stuff. We can’t judge it by OnePlus 3T the previous flagship.

As per the expectations, there will be something great in battery life, maybe some new version of quick charge.

Also, Pete Lau mentioned that Android O would arrive in OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. So it’s a clear fact that OnePlus five will be launched with the latest Android O. We can expect the same software support and updates we got in the discontinued OnePlus 3; Also the OnePlus 3T is just available in Few stores.

Also we can expect some lower battery life according to some articles on internet. OnePlus 5 won’t be having a massive 4000+ mah battery to keep the device powered up due to the thickness. But we can still wait and see magic on OnePlus, how they will take OnePlus 5 on the top charts anyhow. Some new technology? Maybe. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. I can’t wait anymore for OnePlus 5. I almost used all the smartphones of OnePlus. Now am using OnePlus 3T and I need to update my phone since last month but am waiting for OnePlus 5. It’s my request to OnePlus CEO please launch OnePlus 5 asap.


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