Nokia another upcoming flagship model : All Leaks Specifications

Nokia is one of the most trusted company specially in India as there was a when Nokia has really huge market customers in India but because of a long brake Nokia disappoint its customer and now Nokia has made its comeback with its smartphone NOKIA 6 which is really a complete power packed device and Nokia lovers are also very much happy with that. Apart from that Nokia had made another surprising step by launching the old Nokia 3310 with completely new looks and specs which made its users love this brand more. So today we are going to talk about one another flagship model of Nokia which is going to be launch in the market and which is going to surprise everyone with its specs.

First of all, let me tell you that the name of that device is still not disclosed by Nokia but we have its leaks specs and much more what you need to know about this upcoming flagship. So lets get started.

This smartphone will be having two different variant one which will have 4 GB of RAM and the other one will have 6 GB of RAM and maybe there are also different storage sizes in the two variants. This smartphone will be powered by QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 Chipset which is the same chipset which is used by Samsung in the latest Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+,  so the model may give strong competition to Samsung S8 and S8+. Also, this will be having a 23-megapixel rear camera and maybe dual camera as per rumors and as we all know the camera quality of Nokia is really very good, so this will be having a really good camera. This model maybe launch in the month of June and as per the rumors the normal variant will be available for around Rs.37,500 and the high-end variant will be for around Rs.41,500.

So this model will definitely a flagship model for Nokia and I wish that Nokia soon launches this model and disclose its name. So this is all for the upcoming flagship of Nokia.


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