Ninja Calls Out Missing Fortnite Feature Mentioning “I Want To Punch Something”

You will happy to know that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is back to streaming on Twitch but you will be more excited to know that he is now continuing to stream Fortnite regularly.

Fortnite is indeed such a game for Ninja for which he thinks that it is the game that he literally rose to international prominence. But Fortnite is also the game from which he did take a serious break to figure some things out in his real life.

There are so many things that fans and followers have been talking about Fortnite. 

One such big issue that Tyler Blevins or as you know him as Ninja has with Fortnite is still the issue that is plaguing his streams.

The main thing that the game developers should be focussing on is that they should improve the sensitivity which is lacking for keyboard as well as mouse players. 

Due to the frustration raging around for the Fortnite issues, Ninja expresses his frustration during a stream saying, “My sensitivity is so f*****g low, I can’t do anything,” 

He continued, “I’m so sick of literally not being able to do what I need to do because I can’t do it fast enough… The fact that we don’t have building sensitivity blows my mind.

The fact that controller players have building sensitivity and mouse and keyboard — we don’t have building sensitivity… I want to punch something. It’s so dumb. Ninja also added, “It makes no sense.

“What if you don’t want high sensitivity when you’re hip-firing, but you want a little bit of high sensitivity when you’re building?

There are so many gamers who are currently going through the same frustration as Ninja for the Fortnite game sensitivity issues. 


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