Netflix: Riverdale in chaos after the arrival of Sabrina Spellman?

Netflix likes to surprise its subscribers. For season 6 of “Riverdale”, Sabrina Spellman will finally make her entry after an announced crossover.

Netflix is ​​going to make some fans’ dreams come true with this news. The next season of Riverdale will see the arrival of Sabrina Spellman in the universe of the series. MCE TV shows you everything!

Sabrina Spellman in Riverdale

Last year, the showrunner then announced a crossover between its two series Riverdale and The New Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

But, the cancellation of the series based on Sabrina had prevented the project from materializing. Fans were impatiently awaiting this crossover.

In addition, a photo had circulated on social networks. A cliché of Kiernan Shipka, KJ Apa and Casey Scott together on a film set. Well it could be that Sabrina puts her bags down in Riverdale. MCE TV tells you more.

The Warner Bros. studio finally announced the long-awaited crossover, mixing the universe of the two Netflix series. The CW and Netflix, meanwhile, shared the news.

They thus showed actress Kiernan Shipka posing on a seat. On the back, we see the words « Sabrina Spellman ” and ” Riverdale ».

In the caption of the photo, ” From Greendale to Riverdale, there is only one step … Find Kiernan Shipka in season 6 of Riverdale ».

While Season 5 has just ended, fans can’t wait to see the new season. New episodes that will begin then November 16.

An actor has just announced his departure. MCE TV shows you everything. Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge) will not be present in season 6 on Netflix.

A scholarship offered by Netflix

In tribute to Chadwick Boseman, Netflix has partnered with Howard University to offer a scholarship. MCE TV tells you more!

More than a year ago, the Web was in shock to learn the death of Chadwick Boseman as a result of colon cancer.

If he never revealed his illness in broad daylight, fans admired his strength. The actor had thus continued to shoot his last roles. The actor was then in the movie poster, Black Panther and many others.

When he died, Netflix paid him homage. The platform unveiled a documentary. But she didn’t stop there. MCE TV shows you everything.

The firm has thus decided to create a $ 5.4 million scholarship with Howard University. Just that !

Lactor had then studied at Howard. He had never stopped saying good things about his dear school. In 2018, he went there to give a speech at the start of the school year.

« It is with pleasure and gratitude that we announce the creation of a scholarship in honor of former student Chadwick Boseman, whose life and contributions to the arts continue to inspire ».

« This scholarship embodies Chadwick’s love for Howard, his passion and his willingness to support future Howard students ”.

For his part, the co-CEO of Netflix said so. “ It is with immense pride that we announce our endowment of the Chadwick A. Boseman ».

4 students have already benefited from the scholarship. MCE TV tells you more. Sara Long, Shawn Smith, Janee Ferguson and Deirdre Dunkin are then the happy holders of the Boseman scholarship.


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