NBA 2K21 Has Unskippable Ads

NBA 2K21, as all the players know did notice that an interesting change. All the NBA 2K21 players will be happy to know that they will now have to sit up through the unskippable ads for the Oculus Quest 2 when the game will be loading. 

It is sure that there are so many players who get bored up when they are sitting while waiting for the Oculus Quest 2 to start and load up the things as usual.

But now, the players will be able to enjoy some interesting unskippable ads that will ensure that the players will have something to watch while they are waiting for the game to load things on the screen.

You must know that it appears to be the case for all three versions of the game. It is essential for you to know that some fans are unhappy with the addition of unskippable ads.

Well, NBA 2K21 did receive so many negative comments as well as views publicly from the fans as well as critiques for its addition of unskippable ads in the game. Also, earlier fans did not like that NBA 2K21 did reveal the price of $70 for the next-gen versions of the game.

There are so many fans who are currently wondering if the future versions of the game are more likely to add the feature of unskippable ads or not.

Some fans are hoping that the backlash will be successful enough to convince NBA 2K21 to remove the unskippable ads feature in the game, Oculus Quest 2. 

One way or another it is sure that fans are going to witness a change sooner or later. Fans will like the game which may consist of ads but players should be able to skip the ads, unlike its unskippable ads.


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